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Table of Contents[]

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As a Shinobi, Sekiro has a broad array of options at his disposal, centered around stalking and dispatching enemies with precise strikes.
  • The most common tool, when combined with the grappling hook, is the plunge, allowing for leaping down on enemies to deal damage or instantly kill them when caught unawares.
  • Sekiro can also sneak up on enemies, allowing instant take downs.
  • Ambushes in passageways and from hiding are also a way to take out weaker enemies and whittling mobs into more manageable sizes.

Alert Indicators[]

Mechanic Alert Indicators When an enemy has been alerted to Sekiro's presence, based on the color of the alert indicator above their head.

If yellow, they are cautious or searching, they do not know exactly where Sekiro is at the moment, so they can still be taken by surprise with a Stealth Deathblow.

If red, they are alerted to Sekiro's presence, becoming hostile.

Night Eye[]

Wolf has an ability known as "Night Eye", which allows him to see unusually well in the dark. This ability is innate, and takes effect automatically whenever he is in dark places.

Stealth Deathblows[]

Mechanic Stealth Deathblows A Ledge Hang Deathblow is a type of Stealth Deathblow that can be performed on unaware enemies. While hanging from a cliff or ledge, shimmying just below the unaware enemy will make them vulnerable to this Deathblow.

A Wall Hug Deathblow is a type of Stealth Deathblow that can be performed on unaware enemies. While undetected and hugging a wall, lie in wait for a passing enemy. When the enemy draws close enough, he will be vulnerable to this Deathblow.


Eavesdropping Icon
If a shinobi concentrates, he can hear others' voices, even if they're far away. Eavesdropping is one of a Shinobi's tools for acquiring information.


Sculptor's Idols have a wide variety of functions available, including the ability to Rest. Resting completely restores Vitality, replenishes Healing Gourd uses, and automatically moves consumable items from storage to Sekiro's inventory. Resting also brings previously defeated enemies back into the world, with some exceptions.


  • Collecting 4 Prayer Beads will allow you to enhance Sekiro's physical attributes at a Sculptor's Idol. Doing so will raise maximum Vitality and Posture.
  • Offering hard-earned battle memories to a Sculptor's Idol will allow Sekiro to enhance his Attack Power.
  • If Sekiro can provide the Sculptor the materials he needs, he can upgrade his Prosthetic Arm. These materials can be obtained by defeating enemies and also found throughout the world.
  • Give Gourd Seeds to Emma to increase the number of times the Healing Gourd can be used.