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The Folding Screen Monkeys (are a group of elusive monkeys located in the Illusive Hall of Senpou Temple. They have befriended the Divine Child of Rejuvenation.

There are four notable locations in the area, each of which has a purpose in catching the monkeys.

Behaviour and Tactics

Besides the four monkeys that need to be captured, many other monkeys appear that will attack as Wolf approaches them. Their attacks inflict Terror, so it is best to dispatch them quickly.

Three of the four monkeys to capture will run away as Wolf approaches. They leave coloured footprints on the ground leading in the direction in which they fled.

Each of them have different characteristics. The Green Monkey has good hearing. The Purple Monkey has good vision. The Invisible Monkey chases Wolf around, creating footstep sounds and flinging objects around in its wake. The Orange Monkey does not have special characteristics but has a gong it will beat to alert the other Monkeys of danger.

If the chase proved to be too difficult, simply ring the Illusive Hall Bell to reset the Hall to its initial state and taking Wolf back to the entrance. Monkeys caught in the folding screen though will not escape. When Wolf catches up to the main monkeys, he can attack very aggressively to take them out. They are weak and will not retaliate. Overall, the fight is more of a puzzle than a traditional battle. Alternatively, taking Gachiin's Sugar and sneak along the rooftop will surely yield the same end result more effectively.

Purple Monkey: it is dark in the Abyss Hall, and the Light Hall can also be made dark, so the he can not see here. He is found sitting on nearby roof before reaching the Light Hall.

Green Monkey: the Deafening Bell can be used to create a loud sound that makes one's ears ring, and the Roaring Hall serves a similar purpose, so the he can not hear Wolf approaching. He is found sitting on the largest branch of the great tree.

Orange Monkey: sneak up behind him along the rooftop. He is found patrolling along the main entrance roof.

Invisible Monkey: arguably the easiest one since he is right behind Wolf upon spirited to the Illusory Hall. If missed, he can be tracked through the prominent walking sounds coming from behind and golden footsteps.


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Memory: Screen Monkeys
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Puppeteer Ninjutsu


  • The original name of this bossfight 見る猿、聞く猿、言う猿、translates to "Seeing Monkey, Hearing Monkey, Speaking Monkey, " with a comma at the end, alluding to the last, invisible monkey.