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Ash gripped into a hardened clump. Throw it at an enemy to temporarily distract them. In Ashina, the snow falls thick and thus the hearth runs thick with ash.
Fistful of Ash.png
Fistful of Ash.gif

A distraction tool, thrown at the enemy to confuse them. Up to ten can be carried. Can be sold for Sen.png 10.

Ashina Outskirts
Ashina Castle
  • Grappling onto the ledge to the right after the Ashina Castle Sculptor's Idol, on a platform.
  • At the Upper Tower - Antechamber Sculptor's Idol.
  • Below the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol, by a tree.
  • In the Ashina Reservoir near patrolling Taro Soldiers towards the Moon-View Tower.
Abandoned Dungeon
  • On the path leading from the first ledge that can be grappled to in the Bottomless Hole.
Senpou Temple
  • In front of the first building where the Monks patrol.
  • On a building's balcony after the Temple Grounds Sculptor's Idol.
Sunken Valley
Ashina Depths
  • In a house accessible through the roof in Mibu Village.
  • In a bonfire by Tokujiro the Glutton in the Hidden Forest.
  • Near Lizards towards the Shrine in the Sunken Valley Passage.
  • On a ledge leading towards the Shrine in the Sunken Valley Passage.
Hirata Estate