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In-Game Description

A bell charm previously owned by the Owl.

The Owl held this bell for a long time. Offering it at the Dilapidated Temple may result in seeing a different memory than before. There's no way of knowing why this protective bell exists. Perhaps the Owl kept it for himself, or perhaps he meant to give it to someone...

Father's Bell Charm.png


Given by Emma, after Wolf eavesdrops on her discussion with the Sculptor.


Used to enter an altered version of the Hirata Estate memory, unlocking two minibosses and a new boss, by interacting with the kind-faced Buddha statue in the Dilapidated Temple.

The following steps are required to be performed before defeating the Divine Dragon to obtain this item:

  • Unlock the Hirata Estate by interacting with the kind-faced Buddha statue inside the Dilapidated Temple while in possession of the Young Lord's Bell Charm.
  • Kill Lady Butterfly.
  • Retrieve either the Lotus of the Palace or the Shelter Stone and exhaust Kuro's dialogues until he says that the other ingredient needed to reach the Divine Realm is his blood, giving Wolf the Page's Diary.
  • As Kuro suggested, talk to Emma to receive Immortal Severance Scrap.
  • Report back to him what Emma said.
  • Hug a nearby wall to eavesdrop on Kuro.
  • Reload the area and talk to Emma, who'll be now found near the Castle Tower Lookout Sculptor's Idol.
  • Exhaust her dialogues and select "I agree. Kuro cannot be allowed to die".
  • Progress through the game up to defeating Great Shinobi - Owl.
  • Talk to Emma and reach the Old Grave Idol.
  • Reload the area to make Emma appear near the tombstones and exhaust her dialogues.
  • Teleport to the Dilapidated Temple, where inside you'll find Emma talking with the Sculptor: hug the other side of the wall in front of them to eavesdrop.
  • Talk to Emma and choose "Ask about what you overheard", exhausting all her dialogues, and then select "Ask what she is hiding" to receive the Father's Bell Charm.


  • Unlike for the drops of miniboss that can disappear from a playthrough due to the invasion of Ashina Castle and Outskirt by the Central Forces, if confronting the minibosses of the altered Hirata Estate becomes impossible, their Prayer Beads won't be moved to the Offering Box near Hanbei.
  • While this item can only be obtained before defeating the Divine Dragon, facing the altered version of Hirata Estate and its fights is possible even after that battle.