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The Faithful One (信心深き者, deeply devoted person) of Senpou Temple is an old pious woman sitting on a rock overseeing the Sunken Valley Cavern of Mt. Kongo.

She's willing to reveal the secret of the "fresh fruit" to Wolf in exchange for some rice of the Divine Child.

She appreciates when a devoted man joins her in prayer.


Progression #1 (Rice and Fruit)

Ashina Castle (Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo)

Grapple your way atop of Ashina Castle to face Genichiro for the second time.

Ashina Castle (Upper Tower - Kuro's Room)

Exhaust Kuro's dialogue, until he reveals Isshin's whereabouts. Traverse the rooftops following the trail of pink smoke signals to reach his room. Question him about the Mortal Blade and its location, then return to Kuro's room to retrieve the Gun Fort Shrine Key from the library where the Divine Heir is now found.

Senpou Temple (Main Hall)

The Illusive Hall Bell has now appeared in the Main Hall of Senpou Temple: ringing it will grant access to the Folding Screen Monkeys Bossfight.

Senpou Temple (Inner Sanctum)

Talk to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation to receive the Mortal Blade, then speak to her again to receive Rice. It's now possible to ask her for rice everytime Sekiro runs out of his only supply.

Senpou Temple (Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo)

Give the rice to the Faithful One and she'll inform Wolf of a "fresh fruit" found just past the cave in front of her, although to reach it it's necessary to "fly a kite".

Exit the building with the first Sculptor's Idol, take the right and drop down to a cliff with a Rat guarding a kite: equip the Puppeteer Ninjutsu awarded after defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys and perform a Backstab Deathblow on him, following it with another attack to take control of him. The Rat will now head for the machinery to fly the kite higher.

Head back to the Faithful One, grapple onto the branch to her left and then to the branch of the large tree on the right. Walk toward the kite and grapple onto it to land on a cliff. Now jump onto the other cliffs ahead by grappling onto the nearby branches to reach the Sunken Valley Cavern Sculptor's Idol.

Sunken Valley (Gun Fort)

Defeat Long-arm Centipede Giraffe and leave the shrine. Trigger the Great Serpen to ambush you either by attempting to traverse the bridge or by dropping down.

Senpou Temple (Sunken Valley Cavern)

Return to the Sunken Valley Cavern Sculptor's Idol, take the left, drop down and walk on the broken plank. It's now possible to land a Plunge Deathblow on the Great Serpent and kill it for its Fresh Serpent Viscera.

Senpou Temple (Main Hall)

(Optional) After completing the questline of the Faithful One of the Sunken Valley and having progressed through that of the Divine Child until she requests the two Serpent Viscerae to eat, once both are given to her, this Faithful One will move inside the Main Hall, next to the door to the Inner Sanctum, where she'll utter her last words before dying.

Progression #2 (Show Your Devotion)

Senpou Temple (Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo)

Once per playthrough, after having spoken to her, it's possible to receive a reward by using next to her for the first time one of the following items:

She'll gift Wolf one of the following items in this order:

  1. Ungo's Sugar [x1]
  2. Ako's Sugar [x1]
  3. Divine Confetti [x1]

This questline and its progression is shared with the Faithful One of the Sunken Valley and the Faithful One of Ashina Castle.

Quest Items

Ungo's Sugar.png
Ungo's Sugar x1
(Given after the first time Wolf prays with her)
Ako's Sugar.png
Ako's Sugar x1
(Given after the second time Wolf prays with her)
Divine Confetti.png
Divine Confetti x1
(Given after the third and last time Wolf prays with her)

Rot Essence

Rot Essence Maid.png
Rot Essence: Faithful One    
First encounter Faithful One: Ah, fruits of the serpent, yes... There are two kinds. One is fresh. The other is dried. It's over there. The fresh one is over there. Over the cliff, through the hole... That's where you'll find it.

Wolf: ... fresh? What are you talking about?
Faithful One: Rice for me, that's the way.
Wolf: If something troubles your mind--
Faithful One: Rice, I say!

Witnessing "acts of prayer" Faithful One:
  • That's right, yes, that's the way... That's how one prays. You have a pious temperament. I offer this to you. (Gives Ungo's Sugar [x1])
  • Yes, yes... Pray as much as you please. Such a good, pious temperament. I offer this to you. (Gives Ako's Sugar [x1])
  • Yes, very good... What devotion. Lastly, I offer this to you. (Gives Divine Confetti [x1])
    If only someone like you could stand with the Divine Child... Those monk scoundrels... always chase me away... Oh, Divine Child...
Given Rice Wolf: ... Here's some rice.

Faithful One: Ohhh, ohhh there's no doubt... this is the Divine Child's rice! Oh thank heavens, thank heavens...
Wolf: Tell me, what do you see?
Faithful One: Mmm... (munch, munch, munch, munch) Ahhhh.... (murmuring in sleep) "If it's fresh fruit you want, fly a kite... Wind the puppet... fly a kite!..."
Wolf: Hmm... wind the puppet? Not sure what she's talking about...

Infected with Dragonrot Faithful One: (Wheezing...)


  • Are you... sick...?
  • You have the Dragonrot...

Faithful One: Divine... Child... (Wheezing) Argh... I...don't know... Which... way...

"Take coughed up blood sample" Faithful One: (Wheezing and coughing up blood)

Wolf: I'm taking a blood sample.
Faithful One: (Wheeze... Wheeze... Cough, cough.)
Wolf: ... Now to bring this to Lady Emma.

After the Divine Child ate both viscerae Faithful One: The fresh and dried fruits -- did she eat them?

Wolf: Yes.
Faithful One: Ohh, ohh, ohhh... Then all is well... Divine Children... May you be safe on your long journey... Over...there...


  • While her "Rice and Fruit" quest can be completed at any point in the game, it won't be possible to unlock the Return ending by bringing Rice for Kuro to the Divine Heir, after the defeat of the Divine Dragon.
  • Shares her Dragonrot infection and her Rot Essence with the Faithful One of the Sunken Valley and the Faithful One of Ashina Castle.



Cut Content

Cut Dialogue
Attacked Faithful One:
  • Please stop!
  • What are you doing?!
When killed Faithful One: Divine... Child...
Choosing "Give Dragonrot Pellet" Wolf: Drink this.

Faithful One: (Sips medicine)
Wolf: You'll be better in no time.
Faithful One: Thank... heavens, thanks heavens...
Wolf: .........

Refusing to give the medicine Faithful One: (Wheezing...) Divine... child...
Cured of Dragonrot Faithful One: Thank heavens, thank heavens! I'm so very grateful for what you did. Thank you... Thank you! I'm so, so very grateful.
Leaving afterward Faithful One: Thank... you, thank you! I'm so, so very grateful.

Wolf: .........