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The Faithful One (信心深き者, deeply devoted person) of the Bottomless Hole is an old pious woman found praying right before the gate to Ashina Depths, urging Wolf to throw himself down the chasm.



Abandoned Dungeon (Bottomless Hole)

Talk to her to receive a hint on how to progress through the area, unlocking the "Ask about the bottomless hole" dialogue when talking "About the stone" with Kuro.

First encounter Faithful One: Will you be cast out? Or throw yourself in?

Wolf: What...?
Faithful One: If you wish to go to the very depths of Ashina... Then you'd best cast yourself out. Over there. The depths of Ashina are over there...

Speaking again Faithful One: Will you be cast out? Or throw yourself in?


  • She's doesn't reward Sekiro for praying with her nor can be infected by Dragonrot, unlike the other Faithful One.
  • The gate she's praying at is called 鳥居 (torii) and it's used to mark the transition from the mundane to the sacred.

Cut Content

Cut Dialogue
Attacked Faithful One:
  • Please stop!
  • What are you doing?!
When killed Faithful One: Divine... Child...
Choosing "Give Dragonrot Pellet" Wolf: Drink this.

Faithful One: (Sips medicine)
Wolf: You'll be better in no time.
Faithful One: Thank... heavens, thanks heavens...
Wolf: .........

Refusing to give the medicine Faithful One: (Wheezing...) Divine... child...
Cured of Dragonrot Faithful One: Thank heavens, thank heavens! I'm so very grateful for what you did. Thank you... Thank you! I'm so, so very grateful.
Leaving afterward Faithful One: Thank... you, thank you! I'm so, so very grateful.

Wolf: .........