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Ending 3: Purification


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Completing the side quests for the next two endings will not lock Wolf out of this one. He'll be able to choose between all three if the criteria are met.

This quest line can be started either before or after facing Great Shinobi - Owl atop Ashina Castle, but it must be completed before defeating the Divine Dragon in the Fountainhead Palace.

After defeating Genichiro atop the Castle, Kuro can be eavesdropped on on several occasions. After his dialogue about "doing what must be done", talk to Emma near the Castle Tower Lookout. Wolf must agree with her that Kuro must not die.

After obtaining the Mortal Blade in Inner Sanctum, Shelter Stone and the Lotus of the Palace, all of the Sculptor's Idols in the Ashina Castle will become inaccessible. Upon reaching the top of the castle, Owl will be waiting on the rooftop, presenting Wolf the choice to obey the Iron Code, forsaking Kuro or to break the Iron Code and stand by Kuro. Choosing the latter is required for this ending.

After talking to Emma once again and she will give Tomoe's Note, then talk to her at the Old Grave, then at the Dilapidated Temple. After eavesdropping on her and the Sculptor through a hole in the back, confront her to receive Father's Bell Charm to gain access the second version of the Hirata Estate memory and defeat Owl (Father) to obtain the Aromatic Flower.

After obtaining the Divine Dragon's Tears, on the Silvergrass Fields, Wolf will challenge Genichiro Ashina once again, then fight Isshin, the Sword Saint summoned by the black Mortal Blade. After defeating him, Wolf must give the Divine Dragon's Tears and the Everblossom to Kuro for the ending. Wolf then proceeds to behead himself in order to sever the ties of immortality, freeing his Lord.

Following these events, Kuro no longer possesses the Dragon's Heritage and visits the grave of his loyal Wolf, before parting way with Emma and presumably leaves Ashina.