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Emma Emma, the Gentle Blade


Emma (エマ) is a doctor, who was tasked by her master, Isshin Ashina, with helping Wolf in his quest to rescue Kuro from Genichiro.

When she was just a child, the Sculptor, at that time the shinobi known as Orangutan, saved her from a battlefield and let his dear friend, lord Dogen, adopt her. Wishing to repay his master, she started studying medicine from a young age and became a skilled doctor.

She's first seen in the prologue, walking towards the Ashina Reservoir, dropping a letter for Sekiro and will later join him at the Dilapidated Temple.

The young doctor is fascinated by the white mark that the Dragon's Heritage left on Wolf's face, but at the same time she's worried that his newfound power of resurrection will come at a cost. If Wolf holds a bell charm, she'll suggest to speak with the Sculptor, since he has a deep knowledge on how Buddha can reawake forgotten memories from such items.

She is later found atop of Ashina Castle, alongside Kuro and Genichiro, who's once again asking the young lord to accept him in his pact. After Wolf takes revenge on Genichiro, Emma will show up again to inform Sekiro that she means no harm to him, but before explaining any further, she's shocked to see the apparently lifeless body of Genichiro rising up once again.

With Genichiro's flight from the castle, she'll finish telling Wolf that the master who sent her to deliver that letter to Wolf at the beginning of the story was none other than Isshin Ashina himself, who wished to save his grandson Kuro from Genichiro.

She'll now stay in Kuro's room, pleased to continue helping him and Wolf, even now that her task is completed. If Isshin is missing from his room, she'll suggest that he might have left a note somewhere with his whereabouts. After talking to him, Emma further explains that, unlike the one Wolf possesses, the resurrective power of Genichiro derives from his consumption of the Rejuvenating Sediment, which also granted his flesh a steady resistance to any wound, no matter how lethal one might be.

Since the aroma of the incense burner reminded Kuro of a sakura tree that used to be found behind the castle, he'll ask Wolf to interrogate Emma on the matter: she'll inform Sekiro that it was called the Everblossom and it was brought by Lord Takeru from the Divine Realm, but a long time ago someone cut a branch from it, causing the tree to die.

As the Central Forces invade Ashina Castle for the first time, if Lady Butterfly has been defeated and the Ashina Sake, Monkey Booze and Unrefined Sake have been offered to the Sculptor, she'll be found in the Dilapidated Temple. After being talked to there, she'll move to Isshin's room, where eavesdropping on here reveals she's afraid Genichiro has acquired the black Mortal Blade.

Should Wolf obeys his father's orders and succumb to bloodlust, Emma and later Isshin will step in to stop him.

Once Wolf defeats the Divine Dragon, when the Central Forces invades Ashina Castle for the final time, she's located inside Kuro's room, next to the corpse of Isshin.


Progression #1 (A Strange Medicine)

After being defeated by Genichiro, Wolf will meet Emma for the first time in the Dilapidated Temple, where she explains the Healing Gourd was created by her as a gift for the Divine Heir and that the volume of its medicinal waters can be expanded by bringing her Gourd Seed.

Progression #2 (Dragonrot)

Should Wolf die repeatedly, the Sculptor and other characters Sekiro interacted with will start contracting Dragonrot.

This terrible disease born from the stagnation of the blood of the Dragon's Heritage once afflicted Ashina years before, but no cure was found: examining the blood of the Sculptor, she theorizes a medicine can be crafted, if Wolf can fetch her a sample of blood from another infected.

Upon completing this task, Emma will donate to Wolf a charm and a Dragon Blood Droplet that will vanquish any trace of Dragonrot from the land: to celebrate, she'll also give the shinobi some sake to offer to the Sculptor.

Progression #3 (Father's Bell Charm)

Ashina Castle (Upper Tower - Kuro's Room)

After Wolf gives Kuro the Lotus of the Palace or the Shelter Stone, the young lord will tell the shinobi that the Divine Heir's blood is a fundamental ingredient for the Fountainhead Aroma and Wolf will suggest to question Emma on how to possibly shed his blood.

Although reluctantly, she'll explain that only the Mortal Blade can draw the blood of a Divine Heir.

After reporting back to Kuro and eavesdropping on him upon reloading the area, she'll be found atop of the staircase to the right of the Sculptor's Idol and, if spoken further of the matter, she'll tell Wolf that her hope is to find a way to free Kuro from his burden without taking the young lord's life, asking the shinobi if he wants to help her in this research.

Once Owl is dead, if Wolf has agreed with Emma that Kuro's life must be spared, she'll inform Sekiro that Lady Tomoe's diary she has found might hint at a solution, but she has to visit the tombs where she and Takeru are buried first.

Ashina Castle (Old Grave)

Spoken to, she'll hesitate to tell Wolf anything, saying she needs to consult with her old friend Orangutan, the Sculptor's shinobi name.

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

At the temple, Wolf can eavesdrop on her and the Sculptor to discover that this path to save Kuro might mean the death of Sekiro: if he decides to confront with Emma anyway, she'll reveal that the way Lady Tomoe found to sever the immortality of the previous Divine Heir Takeru was to commit suicide with the Mortal Blade after offering him a sakura flower from the Everblossom. She doesn't wish to lose neither Kuro nor Wolf, but if asked to, she'll give the shinobi a charm that fell off his foster father's corpse.

Progression #4 (Endgame)

Ashina Castle (Upper Tower - Kuro's Room)

When spoken after the fight with the Divine Dragon, she'll refuse any drink, may reward Wolf with Mushin Esoteric Text, if the requirement is met, and can give Sekiro the Recovery Charm (and Dragon Blood Droplet) without needing a blood sample.

Progression #5 (Sake)

If offered a drink, she will reminisce about what it reminds her of:

  • Ashina Sake leads her to inform Sekiro that, as a doctor, she has uses for sake other than drinking it, like for purification.
  • Dragonspring Sake makes her explain that whenever Lord Isshin got his hands on Dragonspring sake, everyone would gather at the castle for a rowdy party.
  • Monkey Booze brings up her memory of being rescued by an "ape" when she was young and alone in the aftermath of a battlefield.
  • Unrefined Sake causes her to let Sekiro ask who taught her to use a blade, to which she replies it was Lord Isshin. She claims it is a passing interest for her, although she has the desire to kill a demon.

Quest Items

Recovery Charm.png
Recovery Charm
(Given alongside Dragon's Blood Droplet after she has received Dragonrot Blood Sample)
Ashina Sake.png
Ashina Sake x1
(Given after the Sculptor has been cured of Dragonrot)
Father's Bell Charm.png
Father's Bell Charm
(Given after Wolf eavesdrops on her and the Sculptor discussing Purification)
Secret Passage Key.png
Secret Passage Key
(Given after the Divine Dragon is defeated)

First Encounter Emma: You truly... returned from the dead. The power of the Dragon's Blood. I never thought I'd see it with my own eyes.

Wolf: Who are you?
Emma: My name is Emma. I am a doctor serving a certain master.
Wolf: What master?
Emma: Forgive me, but... for his safety, I cannot reveal his identity. However, my master gave explicit orders... to assist you in any way I can.
Wolf: ..........
Emma: I'm not telling you trust me. However, I must fulfill my master's orders. The gourd of medicinal water you possess... That was originally a creation of mine. I am a doctor, and I will assist you in that capacity.

Presenting Healing Gourd Wolf: You made this gourd?

Emma: Yes. It was intended for Lord Kuro. But it seems he entrusted it to you. I'm sure you may have noticed, but... The medicinal waters in this gourd spring forth on their own. Even after being emptied you'll find it full again, after a short rest.
Wolf: Yes. Is there a way to improve it?
Emma: Bring me Gourd Seeds.
Wolf: Gourd Seeds...?
Emma: Yes. Medicinal waters flow from Gourd Seeds. Adding new seeds will increase the volume of these medicinal waters. If you find any, bring them to me.
Wolf: All right.

Talking Emma: I'd like to make a request.

Wolf: What is it?
Emma: ... Please, show me your face.
Wolf: What?
Emma: ...... Hmm... this white mark... Is it a birthmark?
Wolf: No.
Emma: Then... that must mean it appears on those who have received the
Dragon's Heritage... Or perhaps... it's a symptom...? Hmm...
Wolf: ... Are you done?
Emma: Yes, that will be all. I'm sorry... that was rather rude of me.

  • Talking again

Emma: So... it's not a birthmark... Then... that must mean it appears on those who have received the Dragon's Heritage... Or perhaps... it's a symptom...? Hmm...

Leaving (Generic) Emma: Goodbye.
Greeting (Generic) Emma: I'm glad you've come, Master Wolf.
Talking again Emma: I still don't understand the particulars, but... It appears as though your body is no longer confined by the rules of our world. Come and see me if you notice anything alarming.

Wolf: I will.

Giving Gourd Seed Wolf: Is this a Gourd Seed?

Emma: Yes. Bring it here. Plant the seed into the gourd. Perfect. Now the volume of medicinal waters in your gourd will increase.
Wolf: Such a strange medicine...
Emma: Is it strange...? Hmm... I don't take any offense to that. If it's effective then that's cause for celebration, whether it's strange or not. That's what my mentor Dogen taught me.
Wolf: I see.
Emma: Please bring me any other Gourd Seeds you find. I should be able to further increase the volume of the medicinal water.

Talking While Having Young Lord's Bell Charm Emma: Oh...? Did I hear the ringing of a chime?

Wolf: It was probably this bell. I was told to offer it to Buddha.
Emma: Does the bell hold any significance for you? If it does, talk to the Sculptor. He is quite knowledgeable when it comes to Buddha.

Talking After Three Deaths Emma: Hmm...?

Wolf: What is it?
Emma: As I thought... the difference is slight... and I can only see it from up close...
Wolf: What is it?
Emma: Dragon's Blood stagnation. I believe you're showing its symptoms.
Wolf: Stagnation?
Emma: Dogen, my mentor, spoke of it once. The power of the Dragon's Heritage becomes tainted the more you use it. When the stagnation has built up too much, it overflows.
Wolf: What happens when it overflows?
Emma: Diseases spread, apparently. I hope this is just me being unnecessarily cautious... But if you should notice anything alarming--
Wolf: Yes, I'll come see you.

Talking After Resurrecting At Least Once Emma: Hmm... Notice anything different?

Wolf: ... Yes.
Emma: Like what?
Wolf: I died... The Divine Heir's voice reached out to me... And suddenly I was alive again.
Emma: So you died... and now you're alive again. So that means it has to do with resurrection.
Wolf: Resurrection?
Emma: Lord Kuro... It's said to be a power of the Divine Heir's Dragon Heritage. Those who have been given the power of resurrection - they are revived upon death. Repeatedly.
Wolf: ......... Impossible.
Emma: Yes. It is rather strange. And yet, it is happening here and now... Let me know if you notice any more changes. I don't think the power of resurrection comes without a cost.

Emma: My mentor Dogen spoke of it before. He said that repeated death causes the Dragon's Blood to stagnate. And stagnating past a certain point will cause the Dragon's Eye to overflow... You're showing symptoms of overflowing stagnation. That is my diagnosis. If you should notice anything alarming, come and see me.
Wolf: There must be a way to treat the Dragonrot.
Emma: The first step is to look through my mentor's research and see if I can discover a way... The Dragonrot and the overflow of stagnation... There must be some link between the two. For my research... I need you to find me blood samples from others who are afflicted.
Wolf: I'll see what I can find.
Emma: ... Thank you.

When Emma is With the Sculptor Afflicted with Dragonrot Wolf: What are you doing?

Emma: ... Hm? Oh, I didn't realise you were here. The Sculptor has been coughing blood... I took a sample of this blood for my Dragonrot research.
Wolf: A sample of his blood?
Emma: Yes. Blood that he's coughed up. The colour of the blood itself appears to be tainted... stagnant. But... the Sculptor's blood alone isn't enough to reach any conclusions...
Wolf: Is there anything I can do?
Emma: Yes... Bring me samples of blood coughed up by others that suffer from the Dragonrot. If I have more, I'll be able to learn more about the disease.
Wolf: If I come across anyone afflicted by the Dragonrot, I'll ask them.
Emma: Thank you.

  • Talking again

Emma: For my research... I need you to find me blood samples from others who are afflicted.
Wolf: I'll see what I can find.
Emma: Thank you.

After Obtaining Dragonrot Sample Wolf: I've obtained one.

Emma: A blood sample. Let me see... The colouration is very similar to the Sculptor's. The colour is just slightly tainted. But what's this...? Hmm...
Wolf: Do you have enough blood?
Emma: ... I believe so. Allow me to continue my research into the Dragonrot. When we speak again, it's likely I'll have made a breakthrough. In fact, count on it.

  • Talking Again

Emma: I can now continue my research on the Dragonrot with the blood sample you gave me. When we speak again, it's likely I'll have made a breakthrough. In fact, count on it.

Talking Again Emma: I've been waiting for you.

Wolf: Any progress?
Emma: Yes, I've found some answers. The source of the Dragonrot is the stagnation in your blood.
Wolf: What causes the stagnation?
Emma: The blood has only a limited amount of power available to it. Let's say you've used all of this power... and then you attempt to resurrect again. The resurrection still occurs, but... It must draw on power from another source.
Wolf: From those that have the Dragonrot?
Emma: I believe so.
Wolf: For those who have the Dragonrot...
Emma: The natural life force that everyone has, that allows them to live their lives and function as human beings, has been taken from them. Their blood has stagnated.
Wolf: Can it be cured?
Emma: Yes, by giving back what has been taken. Here you are.
(Gives Dragon's Blood Droplet and Recovery Charm)

Talking Emma: There was a Dragonrot epidemic in Ashina once before. Back then, a cure was not achieved... every single person who caught it, died.

Wolf: ... I see.
Emma: Dogen, my late mentor, regretted this deeply. It is my hope that finally discovering the cure has alleviated this regret, if only a little.

After Sculptor is Cured Emma: It seems the Sculptor's Dragonrot has been cured.

Wolf: You had him take the medicine?
Emma: Yes. Please, give this to him. (Gives Ashina Sake)
Wolf: What is it?
Emma: It's his favorite "tea." I thought it would be a fitting way to celebrate his return to health.

After Defeating Genichiro Emma: At long last I've managed to fulfill my master's orders. I give you my thanks.

Wolf: Who exactly... do you serve?
Emma: Isshin Ashina.
Wolf: ...!
Emma: I am a doctor in the service of Lord Isshin.
Wolf: Why... were you ordered to help me?
Emma: Lord Isshin has no desire to use the power of the Dragon's Heritage. That is why he...
Wolf: He tried to help Lord Kuro escape Ashina.
Emma: Correct.
Wolf: The message I found in the well... that was your doing?
Emma: Also correct. My duties have concluded. But... There's someone I think you'd like to see... Lord Kuro is downstairs.

After Being Asked to Speak to Isshin Wolf: The Divine Heir has asked me to find Lord Isshin.

Emma: My Lord is not in this castle keep, he is in one of the separate watchtowers. But Lord Isshin is not well, which is why entry into his tower is not allowed.

  • Asking How to Find Isshin (If Wol has not Met Tengu):

Wolf: Is there a way to get in?
Emma: The Nightjar ninja make use of a path along the rooftops. I'm not sure, but I believe they make use of smoke signals...
Wolf: Yes.
Emma: So if you follow the Nightjar's smoke signals... You might be able to enter Isshin's tower from the roof.

  • Saying Nothing:

Wolf: .... Understood.
Emma: However... Whether he truly is resting or not, I could not tell you for certain.
Wolf: What do you mean?
Emma: Lord Isshin likes going out for walks... If he isn't in that watchtower then there might be a note left behind.
Wolf: Understood.

After Finding Isshin's Letter and If Wolf Hasn't Met Tengu Emma: So... Lord Isshin wasn't in his watchtower?

Wolf: No. But he left this.
Emma: ......... Hmm. The Ashina Castle Gate, the place where you fought Lord Gyoubu the Demon... There is a watchtower near there on the Serpent Valley side. Perhaps you should head over that way?

After Talking to Isshin Emma: So, you've met with Lord Isshin?

Wolf: Yes, he thanked me. For defeating Genichiro.
Emma: I see... To think that Lord Genichiro would go as far as to drink the Rejuvenating Sediment...
Wolf: Rejuvenating Sediment?
Emma: That's what we call a particularly concentrated part of the Rejuvenating Waters. I'm sure you saw it for yourself. The Rejuvenating Sediment grants great resilience in one's flesh. One becomes able to withstand blows that would be fatal to anyone else. My mentor Dogen devoted much research to its uses, but... all of his works -- documents, medicines, everything -- were burned and destroyed. I'm not sure who, but I heard one of the senior apprentices was able to salvage some of it. ...... Probably Doujun.
Wolf: .........
Emma: Did you ask... Lord Kuro's thoughts on the matter?
Wolf: I did.
Emma: And?
Wolf: We've decided to sever the ties of immortality.
Emma: I see... I thank you... for all of the help you've given me.
Wolf: Almost sounds like you're bidding me farewell for good.
Emma: I've carried out my Lord's orders, so I will stay here in the castle. Come and speak to me whenever you please. I will provide my assistance to you as a doctor.

After obtaining an item for the Incense Burner Emma: Master Wolf... It looks as if... Your brow is less furrowed than before... if only a little.

Wolf: .........
Emma: Please, see that Lord Kuro's wish to sever immortality is met.

Asking about Everblossom Wolf: There is something I would like to ask you.

Emma: Yes, what is it?
Wolf: The sakura tree, behind the castle...
Emma: You mean the Everblossom? It is a sakura tree that Lord Takeru brought from his homeland...
Wolf: So it's a sakura tree from the divine realm?
Emma: Yes, it's quite a mysterious one at that... It was constantly in bloom, even outside of spring. However... the Everblossom no longer exists. It withered away.
Wolf: Why?
Emma: There was a person who cut off a branch and took the flowers from the tree. Without its flowers, the Everblossom was unable to survive. Eventually the entire tree was lost.

Discussing Kuro's Blood Wolf: There is something I'd like to ask...

Emma: Yes, what is it?
Wolf: Can the Divine Heir be made to bleed?
Emma: ...Why would you seek to do so?
Wolf: The blood of the Divine Heir is required... to obtain the Dragon Tears from the Divine Realm, and achieve Immortal Severance.
Emma: Oh... I see. It is true that the Divine Heir's blood cannot be shed by normal means. However, the means to do so can be found in Senpou Temple.
Wolf: What are those means? A sword that can kill even those who cannot die...
Emma: Here you are. (Gives Immortal Severance Text)
Wolf: This was written by Lord Takeru?
Emma: It was. With the Mortal Blade... You may wound the Divine Heir and his blood will be allowed to flow...
Wolf: ... I see. This brings us one step closer to Immortal Severance. I shall tell my lord.
Emma: ... Of course.

With Isshin Emma: It never fails, Lord Isshin disappears the moment I take my eyes off of him. He's quite a handful...
Discussing Severance Wolf: "I must do, what must be done..."

Emma: Hmm?
Wolf: That is what the Divine Heir said. He must be hiding something.
Emma: ...I... see.... .........
Wolf: ... What is it?
Emma: Lord Takeru spoke of "beheading" in his memoirs.
Wolf: Yes.
Emma: Perhaps the act of beheading... was the means to end immortality, along with the life of the Divine Heir.
Wolf: ... What?
Emma: If you walk the path of Immortal Severance... Then you must use the Mortal Blade to...
Wolf: ...end my lord's life.
Emma: ... Yes. Lord Kuro desires Immortal Severance... I understand that, I do. And yet... Master Wolf... Might there be a path where Lord Kuro need not lose his life?
Wolf: ...The Dragon's Heritage is no ordinary power. There could be such a path.
Emma: ...Well then, Master Wolf. I ask you that you help me find such a path... A path where Lord Kuro need not die.

Agreeing Wolf: I will not let my lord die.

Emma: ... Thank you. We must find a starting point.
Wolf: Yes.
Emma: ......... Hmm... Master Wolf. I might have a place to start. I'll look into it, and let you know as soon as I find something.
Wolf: Thank you.
Emma: Also... we may want to... Keep this from the Divine Heir.
Wolf: Yes...

Disagreeing Wolf: I refuse. Immortal Severance is what my lord desires.

Emma: I... I understand. And yet, Master Wolf... Please tell me if you change your mind.

Talking Emma: Lord Kuro is... Bound to be the Divine Heir of the Dragon's Heritage for eternity. My wish is that... He could be freed of this burden and pursue a normal life. That is all I pray for.
Talking Emma: I've found something. Here. (Gives Tomoe's Note)

Wolf: Purification?
Emma: Yes! It says here... There is a way to cut the ties of the Dragon's Blood and transform its owner into a regular human being... The process requires a flower from the Everblossom.
Wolf: And that is?
Emma: A special sakura tree that Lord Takeru brought from his native home.
Wolf: So it was a sakura tree from the divine realm?
Emma: Yes, it's quite a mysterious one at that... It was constantly in bloom, even outside of spring. However... the Everblossom no longer exists. It withered away.
Wolf: Why?
Emma: There was a person who cut off a branch and took the flowers from the tree. Without its flowers, the Everblossom was unable to survive. Eventually the entire tree was lost.
Wolf: If the tree itself no longer exists... The flowers don't exist either.
Emma: Correct. But... the branch that was stolen did have flowers on it. So if it could be found...
Wolf: Is this the branch from the Everblossom tree? It was... in my father's possession.
Emma: Master Owl... But there are no flowers on this branch. ......... Hmm.
Wolf: What's wrong?
Emma: ... It's nothing. I was just trying to remember back to when the Everblossom still flourished... But try as I might, the memory is hazy... ...... Their graves...
Wolf: What?
Emma: I think I'll pay a visit to Lord Takeru and Lady Tomoe's graves. That's where the Everblossom once grew. Something might come back to me.

Emma: The Purification requires the Mortal Blade and flowers from the Everblossom. I'll visit the graves of Lord Takeru and Lady Tomoe. It may help me better remember the time when the Everblossom existed.
Wolf: By the way, if we are to perform the Purification... How would the Mortal Blade be used?
Emma: ... Now that you mention it, that part wasn't very clear. I will see what I can find.

Presenting Aromatic Branch Emma: Master Wolf... Is that...?

Wolf: The branch from the Everblossom. It was... in my father's possession.
Emma: Master Owl... But there are no flowers on this branch any longer. Perhaps too much time has passed.
Emma: Yes. Unfortunately... We need to find flowers that are still intact.

At Old Grave Emma: ........ Ahhh... why must that be the only way?

Wolf: ... Hello.
Emma: Master Wolf... How long have you been there?
Wolf: Have you remembered anything?
Emma : ... Nothing, I'm afraid.
Wolf: ... Nothing?
Emma: That's right... I'm sorry... I wasn't able to remember anything significant.
Wolf: .........
Emma: ... Perhaps one of my old friends can help. I'll meet with Orangutan at his temple.
Wolf: Orangutan...?
Emma: ... Yes. It's the Sculptor's old nickname...

Emma: Back then... Lord Genichiro and I would come here a lot. Lord Takeru would play the flute and Lady Tomoe would dance under the Everblossom... It was a wonderful sight.
Wolf: .........
Emma: ... Perhaps one of my old friends has some memories of those days. I'll speak with Orangutan at his temple.

At Sculptor's Emma: ... You're here, Master Wolf.

Wolf: Was the sculptor able to help?
Emma: Unfortunately, no... I'm afraid we'll need to look for other clues.

Emma: Master Wolf, you're here too. I've always enjoyed the sound of a Buddha being carved... So I stop by this place every now and then.

Confronting about Eavesdropping Wolf: One of us must die. What did that mean?

Emma: Were you listening this whole time?
Wolf: Tell me.
Emma: ......... I saw it. That day beneath the branches of the Everblossom tree... Lady Tomoe... tried to commit suicide...
Wolf: Why?
Emma: She said, "Those made immortal by the Oath of the Dragon's Heritage shackle their masters"...
Wolf: So in order for the Purification to occur, the oathbound of the Dragon's Heritage must die?
Emma: ... Yes. Precisely.
Wolf: But, she was unable to achieve the Purification.
Emma: Correct. She did not have the Mortal Blade.
Wolf: .........
Emma: I don't want to lose Lord Kuro... Or you. But all paths are leading to dead ends...
Wolf: What are you hiding...?
Emma: ... So, you overheard.
Wolf: Tell me.
Emma: .........
Wolf: Do what must be done. I will live by those words, as my master does.
Emma: ... Here. (Gives Father's Bell Charm)
Wolf: Is this a bell...?
Emma: It fell off Owl's dead body, if I'm not mistaken. You and Master Owl have a deep connection... Should you offer it to Buddha, it may be a different experience than the one you had before.
Wolf: ... I will try it.
Emma: I am not sure what memories you will see... But the bell belonged to Master Owl. So please, take care...

Emma: Master Owl's bell... There's no telling what it might reveal to you. So please, take care...

Talking Emma: Master Wolf...

Wolf: Yes?
Emma: ...I pray for your victory in battle.
Wolf: Thank you.

Before Defeating Owl (Father) Emma: You've come back from an old memory, I see.

Wolf: I have. But I haven't seen everything yet.
Emma: I understand. Please, be careful...

After Defeating Owl (Father) Wolf: I have it.

Emma: An Everblossom flower.... Yes... there's no mistaking it. ... Please, show me your face. Something has happened, I see. ...This will allow my lord to achieve Purification.
Wolf: ......... I am merely doing what must be done.
Emma: ... I understand. I bid you good fortune in the battles to come.

Leaving (Generic) Emma: Goodbye... Master Wolf.
After Divine Dragon Emma: Lord Isshin...

Wolf: What happened?
Emma: Lord Isshin... has succumbed to his illness and passed away.
Wolf: ......... I... see.
Emma: I'm sure you sensed it. The Central Forces have taken this opportunity to attack the castle.
Wolf: And the Divine Heir?
Emma: Here...
Wolf: This key... My lord has escaped the castle through the secret passage?
Emma: Yes, Master Wolf. The secret passage can be found along the moat in the Ashina reservoir, not far from the Moon-view Tower. Lord Kuro escaped the castle through that secret passage and should be waiting for you in the silvergrass field.
Wolf: ... Understood.
Emma: The Nightjar have left smoke signals on the roofs under Lord Isshin's orders. The smoke should lead the way to Lord Kuro.

Wolf: ... What about you?
Emma: For the time being... I will remain by Lord Isshin's side.
Wolf: Understood.
Emma: ......... Master Wolf.
Wolf: What is it...?
Emma: I pray... that Lord Kuro achieves humanity.
Wolf: Yes.

Not Ready for Mushin Esoteric Text Emma: Lord Isshin entrusted me with something. I was told to give it to you. ... But, it appears you aren't ready for it just yet. I will give it to you once you have mastered a secret technique.

Wolf: Understood.

Ready for Text Emma: Master Wolf... I see you've mastered a secret technique. It is now time to pass to you what Lord Isshin entrusted to me. Please take it. (Gives Mushin Esoteric Text)

Wolf: What is...?
Emma: A book containing the secret technique of the Ashina style.
Wolf: Lord Isshin...
Emma: "If Sekiro is able to master this... I'd like to duel him." ... That is what he said.
Wolf: I see...

Offering Sake Emma: Forgive me, but now's not a time for libations...

Given Dragonspring Sake Wolf: Here. Have some sake.

Emma: Oh, is this Dragonspring? I'll have some. Ahh....Goodness.
Wolf: What's wrong?
Emma: Nothing, it's just whenever Lord Isshin got his hands on Dragonspring... Everyone would start gathering at Ashina castle and a rather rowdy party would ensue. Every time that happened, I'd leave Lord Dogen all on his lonesome, and I'd stroll around the rear of the castle.
Wolf: Behind the castle? Why?
Emma: ......... Well... I'd go to the Fountainhead Spiral.
Wolf: What is that?
Emma: If you look out toward the Fountainhead springs... there is a large spiral of clouds visible in the distance. Ligthning bolts would race from one cloud to the next. In fact... I distinctly recall Master Genichiro practicing his swordsmanship there. All the while glaring at the lightning in those clouds...

Given Ashina Sake Wolf: I brought sake.

Emma: Oh my... That is generous of you. I accept. Ahhh... Delicious. As a doctor, I do have other uses for sake beyond just drinking.
Wolf: For purification?
Emma: Yes. It can also help those with a low tolerance for pain. But when I was a child, I couldn't stand the smell of it.
Wolf: You've been been doing medical work ever since you were a child?
Emma: Yes. I wanted to be of use to my mentor... Master Dogen. I used to compete with my fellow disciples to treat patients. In those days, arrow and sword wounds were frightfully common.
Wolf: ......... I see.
Emma: .........
Wolf: What's wrong?
Emma: It's nothing. Sometimes, shinobi would come for treatment as well. There was once... a rather difficult patient.
Wolf: Difficult in what way?
Emma: He said very little. I didn't know where he was hurt or how much pain he was in... I had no information to go on. It was maddening.
Wolf: I see.
Emma: ... None of this sounds familiar to you?
Wolf: What?
Emma: No, nothing. Nothing at all.

Given Monkey Booze Wolf: Here.

Emma: Oh, this is... This is Monkey Booze.
Wolf: Something wrong?
Emma: Well, let me try it. Augh! It... It burns so bad... Let's see... Yes, monkeys... I seem to have a strong connection with monkeys.
Wolf: You do?
Emma: Yes. I was rescued by a monkey after all.
Wolf: .........
Emma: You don't believe me, do you? ......... When I was young, I stood alone in the aftermath of a battlefield. I was alone, and staring dumbfounded. I could do nothing... neither cry nor even get angry. Complete shock... And then there was a monkey... eating a rice ball. A monkey... maybe an ape... Maybe... either way, he made it look so delicious. I remember being angry at that. But then, then he gave me the rice ball. It tasted so good...
Wolf: What a kind monkey.
Emma: Yes. He was a very kind monkey.

Given Unrefined Sake Wolf: Here, for you.

Emma: Oh my... If this isn't... Lord Isshin's favorite sake. I'll have some! Ahh, delicious. ......... Please.
Wolf: Hmm?
Emma: Say... something.
Wolf: ... There is something I'd like to ask you.
Emma: Of course.
Wolf: Who trained you to fight with a blade?
Emma: A blade...? I'm a doctor.
Wolf: Yes, but who?
Emma: ... Lord Isshin. But I only have a passing interest.
Wolf: I do not believe your skill counts... As a mere passing interest. Why did you learn?
Emma: Well, not to kill people...
Wolf: ...what do you mean?
Emma: No... I don't have the slightest desire to kill anyone. It's just...I would want to kill a demon if one were to appear.
Wolf: A demon...?
Emma: Don't take me seriously. It was only a joke...

Discussing Severance with Sculptor Sculptor: Emma... Does that sit well with you?

Emma: I can't honestly say. To achieve their goal of Immortal severance... Either he, or Lord Kuro... Must die.
Sculptor: .........
Emma: Why does that have to be the only way...?
Sculptor: So... will you keep that from them?
Emma: But, Orangutan... If I give this to him... he's going to die.

After entering the alternate version of Hirata Estate Sculptor: ... Emma. Should you have let him go like that?

Emma: ... He would've gone anyway. I couldn't have stopped him.
Sculptor: You're probably right.
Emma: ... Say, Orangutan. I'd like to at least hold on to hope. The hope that he can accomplish it.
Sculptor: Yes, you should.

When the first invasion of Ashina Castle by the Central Forces is triggered, after the Ashina Sake, Monkey Booze and Unrefined Sake have been offered to the Sculptor Emma: Orangutan... The Central Forces are here.

Sculptor: ... Are they now? They never change their thieving ways...
Emma: Are the flames... still burning?
Sculptor: Emma... The answer to that isn't going to change. I could carve Buddha idols for all eternity and the flames of hatred would still rage on. The most I can do is keep them in check.
Emma: ......... Orangutan.
Sculptor: What is it?
Emma: If the time ever comes, then I'll...
Sculptor: ......... I have Buddha to carve... Good-bye...


  • Her original name is Ema (エマ), but translators localized it as "Emma" (probably because it's written in katakana).
  • In the Chinese adaptation, her name is written as 英麻.
  • In an earlier draft of the story, she appears to have received the Dragon's Heritage just like Wolf, since in concept arts her face bears its distinctive white mark.

Cut Content

  • It is revealed through some text files in the game that there was going to be another way to cure Dragonrot, that involved Wolf giving the cure, a medicinal drink, to those affected by the disease.
Cut Dialogue
Finding Dragonrot Cure Emma: The blood samples allowed me to discover a cure for the Dragonrot. The medicine can be created in exchange for some of your resurrective power. If you require the medicine, please let me know.
About the Cure Emma: Hmm...? What is it? Forgive me, but... please show me your face again.

Wolf: All right.
Emma: Hm... Is it... the same as before? The mark... Your eyes... Hmm...
Wolf: What's wrong?
Emma: ......... Nothing. Your mark, I thought it seemed just a little darker... But it appears to have been my imagination. ... Please, show me your face.
Emma: Stagnation of the Dragon's Eye. You may be showing symptoms of it.
Wolf: What... is the Dragon's Eye? My mentor Dogen spoke of it before. The power of the Dragon's Heritage stagnates if the one who uses it dies repeatedly. A symptom of this stagnation appears in the depths of one's pupils. This is called the Dragon's Eye.
Wolf: And my right eye is showing these symptoms?
Emma: I believe so... And it's said that stagnation can build up in the Dragon's Eye to the point that it overflows... ...Have you seen the Sculptor lately?
Wolf: Yes. He's...
Emma: He's showing symptoms, yes. I've come to believe... that the stagnation has exceeded its limit.
Wolf: And you said that stagnation overflowing may cause sickness...
Emma: Yes. According to my mentor Dogen's research... That the Dragon's Heritage can bestow the power of resurrection. However, it is not any ordinary power. Repeated use leads to stagnation, which will eventually reach a point where it overflows"... This causes those who do not have the power to become sick. A disease known as Dragonrot. He knew much about it, but even so he was unable to determine a cure.
Wolf: Forgive me. ... Is there a way to treat this Dragonrot?
Emma: I do not know. However, it must be stopped... I am unsure, but the first step is to look through my mentor's research and see if I can discover a way... Wolf: Thank you.
Emma: More precisely, giving them a portion of your resurrection power. I will create a medicine based on that power. But right now, your blood is stagnated. So the first step is for you to suppress the stagnation of your blood. Otherwise, I cannot create the medicine.
Wolf: Understood.

Emma: However, if your blood becomes stagnated... You'll need to find a way to suppress the stagnation.

About the Cure Again Emma: I see you've managed to suppress the stagnation of the Dragon's Blood. But it appears that those afflicted with the Dragonrot are still sick. We must find a cure.

Emma: I see you've managed to suppress the stagnation of the Dragon's Eye. So right now, your blood is in a normal state. If you'd like, I can create medicine for the Dragonrot.

Examining Wolf's Face Emma: That white mark around your right eye... Is it a birthmark? Or perhaps a symptom... of the Dragon's Eye...?

Emma: So... it's not a birthmark... Then... that must mean it appears on those who have received the Dragon's Heritage... Or it could be... a symptom of the Dragon's Eye...

Creating Cure Wolf: Please make the medicine.

Emma: Certainly. To do so, I need some of your power of resurrection.
Wolf: Here you are.
Emma: Dragonrot medicine. It will suppress the effects of blood stagnation. If you have an afflicted person drink this, their incessant wheezing and coughing should stop.
Wolf: ...Understood.

Unknown Wolf: ...I saw...

Emma: Yes?
Wolf: ...I saw you and Lord Kuro, in a vision.
Emma: A vision...?
Wolf: Yes. ...Where is Lord Kuro right now?
Emma: He's being kept near the keep at Ashina Castle. The gate to the castle, however, is shut.
Wolf: I see.
Emma: However... Windows are often left open near the top of the castle...
Wolf: ...I'll remember that.
Emma: Hmm... for you to see such a thing- the bond of lord and retainer must be strong indeed. I would like to investigate these visions should the opportunity arise.


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