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A miraculous drug capable of banishing lightning offered at the Ashina Clan Altar.

Greatly reduces the amount of damage received from lightning attacks, as well as the "Shock" status abnormality. Lightning is a force of the gods. Eels, while small, are relatives of dragons.
Even a god's force can be suppressed, though probably not for long.

Eel Liver.png
Eel Liver.gif

Used to remove Shock status abnormality, and increase Shock resistance for 30 seconds. Especially helpful against Genichiro, Way of Tomoe. Can be sold for Sen.png 10.

Ashina Castle

Fountainhead Palace
  • On the other side of the an open, watery courtyard surrounded by Palace Dogs.
  • In the Mibu Manor, behind a meditating Okami Swordsman.
  • Behind the Flower Viewing Stage under a small waterfall.