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In-Game Description

A dried, persimmon-like heart of a Great Serpent. The Great Serpent is a god of the land, and the heart is believed to be where one's spirit resides. While it looks much like a persimmon, in fact this is the red viscera of a god.

Apparently, denizens of the Sunken Valley worship the organs believing they represent the deity itself.

Dried Serpent Viscera.png


Found in Bodhisattva Valley in a shrine at the end of the cave behind the Toxic Memorial Mob.


Since the Great Serpent guards the bridge to the viscera, either the Monkey cowering in fear on a ledge below the beast has to be used as a distraction through the Puppeteer Ninjutsu or the Mist Raven has to be employed to bypass the obstacle. The Serpent will block the temple entrance after collecting the treasure.Required for the Return Ending.


  • Even if the Great Serpent of the Sunken Valley is killed, the Great Serpent guarding this viscera will still be found in the cave.


  • By performing a plunging deathblow on the Great Serpent from the Sunken Valley Cave Sculptor's Idol of Senpou Temple and not taking the second deathblow, the Serpent will swallow Wolf without killing him and will bring him to the bridge in front of the shrine with the viscera.
  • Since the death of the Great Serpent has no effect on the other in the cave, it's possible that there are two of these creature or that both share the same body.
  • This viscera is the "dried fruit" the Faithful One of the Sunken Valley talks about, after being given Rice.