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Found with patrolling Ashina Swordsmen in Ashina Outskirts, first encountered nearby the Outskirts Wall - Gate Path, and some with Ashina Soldiers also at the Ashina Reservoir and after defeating Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa.

Prowling around in packs in the Temple Grounds in Senpou Temple.

Patrolling the roads of Hirata Estate with Bandits.

Its phantom form is found in the Hidden Forest with phantom Bandits. These dogs are invisible until Wolf is within a close radius of them.

A couple in the beginning of Mibu Village before the first Sculptor's Idol.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Lunge: after a bark, it leaps forward with a bite

Dogs are more perceptive to movement and sound, even if the Wolf has the Suppress Presence and Suppress Sound latent skills unlocked and their bark alerts nearby enemies.

They are weak and can be poise-broken, opening them up for a Deathblow after one deflect, and they otherwise die in one or two hits, or in one hit by a Shuriken.

If the Finger Whistle is used on them, they will turn against whatever enemy is nearby them.

Shinobi Dog

Found with Interior Ministry Agents on the rooftop of Ashina Castle during the invasion and around the Great Serpent Shrine under the command of Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer.

Behaviour and Tactics

Missing information.

Best defeated using the Loaded Shuriken prosthetic from a distance, or by step dodging their bite.