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Phase 1

The Old Dragons of the Tree (白木の翁たち) are mandatory Bosses that share one Deathblow counter.

They are ancient and sickly creatures worshipping the Divine Sakura Dragon. They play their flutes to appease their deity and they fight to defend him using the old magic of the Everblossom, summoning roots and spitting poison. They are old and extremely weak but are great in number.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Poison Attack.pngPoison Spit: spews a burst of Poison in front of itself.
  • Flute Stab: attempts bashing with its flute twice.
  • Summon Root: all Old Dragons raise their flutes to the skies, then a series of three roots thrust forth from underneath Wolf.

These enemies are weak and easy to kill. When killed, the boss's health is depleted by a fixed amount, and the dragon is replaced by a taller, darker version whose death does not count towards the health bar. Ignore these enemies, as their defeat has no bearing on the battle's progression.

When the dragons perform Summon Root, one root will stay up after the others disappear, and can be grappled onto. Use this to execute a unique Aerial Deathblow, which kills all dragons in a large, circular AoE. This method will significantly reduce the time required for the first phase.

Phase 2

The Divine Dragon (桜竜, Sakura Dragon) is a mandatory Boss with one Deathblow counter.

It's a mythical, ancient god said to have came from the west long ago. Colossal, stunningly beautiful and majestic, it wields a giant sword that appears to be made entirely of magic. It commands the power of winds and casts them out with godly speed and strength. It also commands the Everblossom and its roots. Its only possible weakness is the lightning striking the tree, as dragons are known for being vulnerable to.

Behaviour and Tactics

Part 1

  • Perilous Attack.pngCreeping Squall: two cross-swings that send out walls of air.
  • Almighty Force: unleashes an unavoidable gust of wind to throw back any adversaries.
  • Angled Slash: two close ranged attacks aims at the roots if Wolf was idling for too long.
  • Dragon Flash: sends out three vertical walls of wind.

Part 2

  • Almighty Force: now damages Wolf.
  • Dragon Flash: now consists of four hasty slashes.
  • Last Resort: prepares to stabs forward, then immediately chains Creeping Squall and Dragon Flash afterward. Becomes tired right after.

As the battle begins, five large roots grow in a semi-circle in front of the Dragon. Throughout the fight, a couple of the roots will flash before being struck by lightning. Grapple onto the root that lights up then use the Lightning Reversal technique to send the lightning back at the Dragon. Do not stand on the roots as the lightning deals a large amount of damage on grounded targets. It is easier to land the lightning when locked on to the dragon. The wind walls can be blocked and Creeping Squall have generous window for dodging.

After every attack, the Dragon will send out an unavoidable gust of wind to throw back Wolf. After breaking its posture, it will enter its second phase, in which there will not be any roots to grapple onto for a while. During this phase, stay in front of it, only running slightly to the side to avoid every attack before repositioning, and wait for him to launch his Last Resort move. After Last Resort, in front of it three giant roots will grow which, when grappled onto, will carry Wolf skywards, where a massive lightning bolt will strike him.


+12000 Skill Experience Sen.png 0
Memory Divine Dragon.png
Memory: Divine Dragon
Divine Dragon's Tears.png
Divine Dragon's Tears


  • Defeating the Divine Dragon triggers the next stage of game progression, causing some of the Mini-Bosses in Ashina Castle and Ashina Outskirts to be replaced by others as part of the final invasion.