Confetti imbued with a divine blessing made for driving away apparitions.

The paper is made ceremoniously, whereby pulp is spread thin using water from the exalted Fountainhead. As the gods bless the waters, so too will the confetti bless one who basks in its touch, allowing attacks to connect with apparition-type enemies.

Divine Confetti
Divine Confetti

Used to buff one's weapon with a divine blessing that deals additional damage to enemies for 60 seconds. Especially useful against Headless and Shichimen Warrior. Despite O'Rin of the Water's ghost-like appearance, Divine Confetti will not deal additional damage to her. Can be sold for Sen 50. If the Divine Confetti was used before using the Projected Force in conjunction with Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella, the latter Prosthetic Art will cancel the buff early.

Ashina Outskirts
  • Found before the warning sign near the cave where the Headless is fought.

Sunken Valley
Ashina Depths
Fountainhead Palace
  • In Mibu Manor, at the end of a corridor.
  • Near the Flower-Viewing Stage, behind the tower on the left.
Hirata Estate
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