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In-Game Description

Confetti imbued with a divine blessing made for driving away apparitions.

The paper is made ceremoniously, whereby pulp is spread thin using water from the exalted Fountainhead. As the gods bless the waters, so too will the confetti bless one who basks in its touch, allowing attacks to connect with apparition-type enemies.

Divine Confetti.png


Ashina Outskirts
  • Found before the warning sign near the cave where the Headless is fought. [x1]
Ashina Castle

Sunken Valley
Ashina Depths
Fountainhead Palace
Hirata Estate


Divine Confetti.gif

Used to buff one's weapon with a divine blessing that deals additional damage to any enemy for 60 seconds.

This type of buff possesses unique properties:

Up to five can be carried at any time.

Once the Dragon's Tally Board is obtained after defeating the True Monk, this item will be sold in infinite supplies by any merchant for Sen.png 300.

Can be sold for Sen.png 50.


  • Without applying this buff, upon a successful deflection against any attack of the Headless, Sekiro will still take chip damage, even if in possession of Kuro's Charm.