The Demon of Hatred is a vessel for the flames and hatred of a man who failed to become Shura, stuck fighting an endless war against something. The one-armed demon prowls the battlefield, consumed by flames of deepest resentment. The man was bound stubbornly to this world, and it wasn't until he became a demon that he was able to depart for the next.

After Wolf has defeated the demon, a familiar voice thanks him for putting an end to his rampage. The man who became the demon was the Sculptor of the Desolate Temple transformed, or it was at least the incarnation of his aspect and immortality. He is considered as one of the hardest bosses in the game

In order to access this closed off battlefield, Wolf must travel to the Ashina Outskirts from the Ashina Castle, following the direction of a wounded Nightjar during the Central Force's invasion. Upon commuting with a Sculptor's Idol, he will be sent to the Flames of Hatred Idol.

Behaviour and Tactics

How To Beat Demon of Hatred with SWORD ONLY Sekiro no-dmg

How To Beat Demon of Hatred with SWORD ONLY Sekiro no-dmg

Phase 1

  • Perilous AttackCharge: uses his right hand to scrape the ground before charging a long distance forward.
  • Stomp: stomps with his right leg with after a short pause.
  • Head Slam: after rearing back, he smashes his head into the ground up to three times.
  • Harite: steps forth and does a sumo right hand push. He tends to walk before initiating this attack.
  • Slingshot: flings himself towards the target and slam down with the right hand, dealing damage in a small radius.
  • Burn AttackSlam: steps forward and slams a hand into the ground in front of him.
  • Burn AttackCombo: raises his fiery left arm and sweep it across once, back, then follows up with a medium closing distance Stomp and ultimately another sweep if Wolf is still close by.
  • Burn AttackFlame Chase: quickly whips the the blazing left arm around him if the target is behind.
  • Burn AttackFlickering Flame: whips the burning hand around then anticipates his target in a pose, if approached he smashes down and whips the burning hand again, ends with a powerful smash.
  • Burn AttackShower of Fire: a ranged attack coming from his left arm, which sends out a horizontal line of fireballs. He will use it again with closer range if Wolf trying to close the distance during the attack.
  • Burn AttackFlaming Tendril: raises his left arm in the air then delivers a long ranged overhead smash. A short pause afterward. If deflected successfully with the Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella, he will be briefly stunned.
  • Burn AttackFlaming Whip: cover his face with the right arm while the left arm ignites then delivers a quick long ranged sweep, a close ranged sweep and finally a long ranged overhead smash. He may cancel the last overhead smash if the Wolf is nearby. The sweep attacks can be jumped over.
  • Burn AttackEruption: flares up, then leaps high into the air before slamming down in a large fiery explosion which knock the target away. A grappling point is revealed after he landed.

Phase 2

  • Burn AttackFlashfire: sends out a wide, long line of flames in front of him. A grappling point is revealed right before the flame appears.
  • Burn AttackBurning Wrath: conjures a set of eight homing burning Buddha statues, dealing posture damage even when guarded with the Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella. Running sideway to dodge this attack entirely.
  • Feral Claw: quickly lunges a medium distance forward and claws.

Phase 3

  • Perilous AttackInferno: wildly sweeps the ground for three wide flaming swings which then soon becomes a tall fire ring, engulfing the area in a wall of flames.
  • Perilous AttackBlazing Trail: after the initial Charge, he may quickly turn around and charge with the burning arm at an incredible speed.

Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella is very useful for this fight, as it shields against most of the Demon's burn-inflicting attacks, such as the Shower of Fire and Eruption. As an apparition-type enemy, the Demon is vulnerable to the Divine Confetti buff, and Malcontent can be used to stun him three times, while Lazulite Shuriken can deal a large amount of damage to him.

The Withered Red Gourd, Dousing Powder, and Ministry Dousing Powder are recommended, as many of the boss's attacks inflict the Burn status abnormality.

Stay close, directly under the legs and quickly close any distance created when he jumps or charges away. This will limit his pool of attacks, making the fight more manageable. Try keeping him in the middle of the arena, as walls may cause camera issues. Most of his melee attacks can be avoided with sprinting/dodging to the right.

To avoid his Charge, jump instead of dodging. If not using the Umbrella, run away from the Eruption, then grapple back onto him after he landed.

As he's entering Phase 2, he cannot be damaged in the transition phase and will end with a small explosion, so be careful.

Run to either side once he initiates the Flashfire attack, which he telegraphs by leaning to his right and slamming his left arm onto the ground, jump as he sends out the flames, then grapple to him.

In Phase 3, run away as soon as he starts sweeping the ground or Wolf will be trapped in a much smaller fighting area.


+15,000 Skill Experience
Memory Hatred Demon
Memory: Hatred Demon
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli x2
Engaging in Fight Wolf: Sculptor...
At the beginning of 2nd phase Wolf: So these are the flames of hatred...
Before Shinobi Execution Demon: Finish me... please...
During Shinobi Execution Wolf:Farewell, Sculptor

Demon: Wolf... thank... you...

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