Corrupted Monk True Monk

The True Monk first appears to Sekiro at the entrance of the Wedding Cave Door and is merely an apparition form of her true self. In her left hand she grasps a traditional Buddhist prayer bead, while in her right hand she holds a nagamaki blade. The monk is also wearing a mask of a fierce guardian deity.

Behaviour and tactics Edit

  • Whirlwind: enacts a stance then spins her nagamaki blade for four times and one last spin with extended range. She always starts with this move.
  • Overpowering Shove: during a combo, she may shove with both hand then ends with a powerful guard-breaking cleave.
  • Chase: readies her blade and put her left hand forward, strutting towards Wolf then does a quick upward hook. She may follow up with Helm Splitter.
  • Helm Splitter: leaps into the air with her body spinning means an overhead smash, while sitting up straight means a cleave is imminent.
  • Retreat: cleaves in front while jumping back for a long distance.
  • Perilous AttackFive-Hit Combo: cleaves for a maximum of five times and may end early at any given time with a Perilous Thrust. The Monk telegraphs this by raising her blade above her head before the first hit.
  • Perilous AttackThree-Hit Combo: cleaves two times and ends with a Perilous Sweep.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Thrust: thrusts with her nagamaki blade.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Sweep Combo: a Perilous Sweep followed by a spinning hook.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Sweep Follow-up: a quick cleave, then followed by a slow started Perilous Sweep.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Sweep Retreat: a quick hook followed by two Perilous Sweeps backwards.

Although the Monk appears supernatural, using Divine Confetti does not deal extra damage against her.

The Monk is very susceptible to all items and abilities that can stun or interrupt an enemy, such as Shinobi Firecracker, Fistful of Ash, and in this case Snap Seed can also damage her.

It is best to run away from the Whirlwind move rather than deflecting since the last spin will have a very unusual timing which can easily take Wolf off-guard. For the most part, her attacks can be easily avoided and leave a long opening in which to run in and launch a counter attack. Starting the fight this way is preferable because, like with most bosses, reducing her health will also make her Posture replenish more slowly.

When the Monk performs one of her Perilous Sweep attacks, jump over the blade, and jump again on the Monk's head to deal increased Posture damage to her, and Mikiri Counter her other, Perilous Thrust attack.

Cheese: You may just stay far away from her as she can only use 1 attack which is the Helm Splitter. During the leap, you can run towards her as she will miss you with her blade and you can deal at least 2-3 slashes. Dodge back right after as she'll swing her blade to retaliate. You can also keep stunning her with the items above while specifically slashing only 2 times to be on the safe side.


+5500 Skill Experience Sen ???
Memory Corrupted Monk
Memory: Corrupted Monk
Mibu Breathing Technique Icon
Mibu Breathing Technique


  • Defeating the Corrupted Monk and Guardian Ape triggers the next stage of game progression, causing some of the mini-bosses in Ashina Castle to be replaced by different ones as part of the Central Forces's invasion.
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