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The Chained Ogre (赤鬼, Red Oni) is first found in Outskirts Wall - Stairway immediately up the stairs, shackled to a stand. Approaching him will cause him to enter a fit of rage, breaking free.

When the Central Forces invade Ashina Castle, another is found at the ground floor of the Ashina Castle, restrained to a pillar.

After the second invasion of Ashina, a Chained Ogre with his hands tied behind his back is found patrolling the area before the Flames of Hatred Idol.

As the Second Prayer Necklace states, the Ogre is a gigantic man driven insane by his Red Eyes.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: the Ogre reaches down quickly, attempting to grab Wolf. Allows for grappling onto the plank on his back afterwards. If connected, he smashes Wolf against the ground, and punches before throwing him backwards.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Lunge: the Ogre lunges a short distance ahead, attempting to grab its target. Allows for grappling onto the plank on his back afterwards.
  • Drop Kick: delivers a drop kick forwards.
  • Elbow Slam: elbow drops against the ground.
  • Ground Pound: a quick slam on the ground in front of him with both fists.
  • Wild Kick: kicks up to three times.

By eavesdropping on the two soldiers before the Mini-Boss, it's possible to learn that enemies with red eyes are particularly scared of Fire, which is why the Flame Vent found in the Hirata Estate is especially useful against the Ogre: it's possible to either use it once to scare him, creating an opening for some katana swings, then using it again to inflict him with Burn, which will stagger the Mini-Boss giving the player even more time to land further hits, or to inflict it directly with one use of the Prosthetic Tool by first throwing an Oil at the Ogre. Other tools that deal fire damage like the Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella in conjunction with the Projected Force combat art or the Sparkling Axe, the Leaping Flame and the Great Feather Mist Raven will scare this Mini-Boss in the same manner.

Before engaging with this enemy, it's best to defeat the two Ashina Swordsman at the bottom of the stairs and to be careful not to attract the attention of the Ashina Spear-Bearer atop the hill to the left.

It's recommended to use a Gachiin's Sugar to safely take out the Ashina Spear-Bearer and perform a first deathblow on the Mini-Boss while he's still chained. If he breaks out, it's still possible to take out his first Vitality bar with a stealth deathblow by running back to where Anayama is found, waiting for the Ogre to lose sight of the player, and then crouch-walking back to him hugging the wall.

Ungo's Sugars helps to mitigate the high damage output of this Mini-Boss.

All of his regular attacks can be avoided by simply running around him or dodging just as they're about to land. They can also be all deflected.

Both his Perilous Grab and Perilous Lunge can be avoided by jumping backward, dashing backward or running around the Ogre, but it's important to not get greedy and not land more than three swings after each of his attacks, to avoid not being able to dodge away in time. The Loaded Umbrella can protect against any of his grab attacks.

After receiving numerous consecutive attacks, the Ogre will remain staggered for a short while.

If the player's thrown down the chasm after a Perilous Grab, a rapid grappling to a nearby branch or to the Ogre can avoid certain death.

The Ogre in Ashina Castle can either suffer a deathblow by dropping on him from above or by aggroing him and then running outside the building, awaiting for him to turn passive again.

When found at the end of the game in Ashina Outskirts, it possesses only one Vitality Bar, meaning that it's possible to turn it into an ally against the Central Force Agents through the Puppeteer Ninjutsu with a single stealth deathblow.

This Ogre in particular will starts off by fighting only with his legs, breaking free from his handcuffs only after some of his Vitality has been depleted.


  • Prior to path 1.03, the Chained Ogre in Ashina Castle didn't have Red Eyes.
  • In japanse, the second Prayer Bead Necklace says that this man gained his red eyes after being imprisoned in the Abandoned Dungeon (葦名には、赤鬼と呼ばれる大男がいる 赤目となり、暴れ狂うは何ゆえか 長く捨て牢に囚われていたというが…), alluding to Doujun's research.