Ceremonial Tanto

In-Game Description

Dagger with a stark white blade and hilt. Converts Vitality into Spirit Emblems.

Originally, this tanto was used in a ritual offering to the dragon, in which an emblem would be cut from one's own life force and set adrift on the Fountainhead waters. The blade is inscribed with its true name: "Devoted Soul".

Ceremonial Tanto.png


Ceremonial Tanto.gif
Dropped by the Shichimen Warrior in the Bottomless Hole.


Can be used up to three times at the cost of 50% Vitality to gain additional 5 SpiritEmblems.png 5 Spirit Emblems, exceeding the maximum limit.

Only 5 of this additional Spirit Emblems can be carried at one time.

With all the skills that upgrade spirit Emblem Capacity acquired, the Tanto allows to carry up to 25 SpiritEmblems.png 25 Spirit Emblems.


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