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The artificial arm of a shinobi,passed down by the Sculptor.

A replica of a human arm fitted with a variety of mechanisms, apparently designed with modification in mind.
While it bears a number of cuts and is stained thick with blood and oil, it has been impeccably maintained.

Shinobi Prosthetic.png


The Shinobi Prosthetic is the prosthetic arm used specifically by the Shinobi. It was created by the medical and mechanical genius Dogen, personally for the Sculptor of the Desolate Temple. After the Wolf lost his left arm after a battle with Genichiro Ashina, he was left unconscious (or potentially dead) and was brought to the Dilapidated Temple by The Sculptor. When he woke up (or resurrected with the power of the Dragon's Heritage), the Wolf found his lost arm to have been replaced by the Prosthetic. The Prosthetic was fixed and maintained, and given to the Wolf by the Sculptor. Resigned from his way as a shinobi, he saw no use for it, and passed it down to the Wolf. The Prosthetic's only use isn't to just replace a missing arm, but it can also be outfitted with various tools used to expand a Shinobi's arsenal, with some of these tools used in conjunction with the Wolf's Kusabimaru for added effect. These tools, excluding the grappling hook, require Spirit Emblems to be used.

The grappling hook allows Sekiro to get to higher points to scout or prepare for stealth maneuvers, and can be used in combat to pull enemies closer with a proper Prosthetic Art. It is usable after receiving the Prosthetic.

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Divine Abduction

Divine Abduction.png A Prosthetic Tool loaded with a large fan. Costs Spirit Emblems to use. Gathers and released a gust of wind, forcing enemies caught by the vortex to turn around.

It is a mild sort of being spirited away that can be returned from quite quickly. However, it's said that one can only return from being spirited away once, and if taken again, there is no coming back.


Finger Whistle

Finger Whistle.png A Prosthetic Tool created by fitting a slender finger to the prosthetic. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Its sound will grab an enemy's attention and draw them to the whistle's location. By locking on to a target, only the targeted enemy will hear the whistle.
The sound of the finger whistle enrages beasts, making them unable to distinguish friend from foe.


Flame Vent

Flame Vent.png A Prosthetic Tool made from a loaded Flame Barrel. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Deals fire damage to enemies via a short-range blast of fire while also inflicting Burn status. 
It is difficult to control the rage of those with "Red Eyes" through the power of man alone. They do, however, fear the flame above all else. This tool has the power to make them tremble.


Loaded Axe

Loaded Axe.png A Prosthetic Tool loaded with a heavy Shinobi Axe. Costs Spirit Emblems to use. The strength of the Loaded Axe lies in its heft. One strike can easily turn a wooden shield into splinters or shred an enemy's posture.

Loaded Shuriken

Loaded Shuriken.png A Shuriken Wheel Prosthetic Tool, fitted to the Shinobi Prosthetic. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Pull a shuriken loaded into the wheel and launch it at the target in a single, flowing motion. The swiftly thrown shuriken damage enemy Vitality and Posture, particularly against those with a tendency to take to the air.


Loaded Spear

Loaded Spear.png A Prosthetic Tool loaded with Gyoubu's Broken Horn. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Unleash far-reaching thrust attacks. Lighter enemies struck by the spear may be dragged towards the wielder.
Those of large build will at times force themselves into poorly-fitting armor. Such armor could be torn clean off: coined by Gyoubu as Armor Stripping.


Loaded Umbrella

Loaded Umbrella.png A Prosthetic Tool created by fitting an indestructible Iron-ribbed Umbrella to the Arm. Costs spirit emblems to use.

When spread open, it will protect against attacks from all directions. Hold it out while moving to protect from light attacks.
But this is an umbrella after all, it won't protect you from low attacks such as sweep attacks.


Mist Raven

Mist Raven.png A Prosthetic Tool loaded with the feather of a Mist Raven. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

When attacked in the assumed stance, disappear like the mist and move away.
Once you think you've caught one, all that will remain is feathers. That is the mark of a true Mist Raven.



Sabimaru.png A Prosthetic Tool made with the blade Sabimaru, allowing for a quick series of attacks together with the sword.

The blue, poisonous rust on Sabimaru's blade applies "Poison" status abnormality. Wielded in wars of old, the blade's blue rust was used to drive off inhuman Okami warrior women. Even now, it is likely to be effective against their descendants.


Shinobi Firecracker

Shinobi Firecracker.png

A Prosthetic Tool fitted with Robert's firecrackers. Costs Spirit Emblems.
Unleashes an explosive flash that briefly blinds foes and inflicts Posture damage on beast-type enemies. Has a wide, frontward field of effect that can impact multiple enemies at once.
Suitable for temporarily immobilizing enemies and particularly good for scaring beasts.


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