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Remnant Gyoubu.png
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead
Rot Essence Sculptor.png
Rot Essence
Healing Gourd.png
Quick Items
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Key Items
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Prosthetic Tools
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These items allow the Wolf to progress through certain quests, allow access to undiscovered locations, and grants the Wolf with skills and the ability to diversify merchants' inventories.

Original Form Wolf.png
Anothers Memory Ashina.png
Anothers Memory Shura.png
Anothers Memory Tengu.png
Original Memory: Wolf Another's Memory: Ashina Another's Memory: Shura Another's Memory: Tengu
Anti-air Deathblow Text.png
Aromatic Branch.png
Aromatic Flower.png
Ashina Esoteric Text.png
Anti-air Deathblow Text Aromatic Branch Aromatic Flower Ashina Esoteric Text
Ashina Sake.png
Black Scroll.png
Dancing Dragon Mask.png
Divine Dragon's Tears.png
Ashina Sake Black Scroll Dancing Dragon Mask Divine Dragon's Tears
Dosaku's Note.png
Dragon's Tally Board.png
Dragonrot Blood Sample.png
Dragonspring Sake.png
Dosaku's Note Dragon's Tally Board Dragonrot Blood Sample Dragonspring Sake
Dried Serpent Viscera.png
Father's Bell Charm.png
Flame Barrel Memo.png
Floating Passage Text.png
Dried Serpent Viscera Father's Bell Charm Flame Barrel Memo Floating Passage Text
Fragrant Flower Note.png
Fresh Serpent Viscera.png
Frozen Tears.png
Gatehouse Key.png
Fragrant Flower Note Fresh Serpent Viscera Frozen Tears Gatehouse Key
Gourd Seed.png
Great White Whisker.png
Gun Fort Shrine Key.png
Herb Catalogue Scrap.png
Gourd Seed Great White Whisker Gun Fort Shrine Key Herb Catalogue Scrap
Hidden Temple Key.png
Holy Chapter Dragon's Return.png
Holy Chapter Infested.png
Immortal Severance Scrap.png
Hidden Temple Key Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return Holy Chapter: Infested Immortal Severance Scrap
Immortal Severance Text.png
Isshin's Letter.png
Kuro's Charm.png
Immortal Severance Text Isshin's Letter Kuro's Charm Kusabimaru
Lotus of the Palace.png
Mask Fragment Dragon.png
Mask Fragment Left.png
Mask Fragment Right.png
Lotus of the Palace Mask Fragment: Dragon Mask Fragment: Left Mask Fragment: Right
Monkey Booze.png
Mortal Blade.png
Mushin Esoteric Text.png
Nightjar Beacon Memo.png
Monkey Booze Mortal Blade Mushin Esoteric Text Nightjar Beacon Memo
Okami's Ancient Text.png
Ornamental Letter.png
Page's Diary.png
Prayer Bead.png
Okami's Ancient Text Ornamental Letter Page's Diary Prayer Bead
Prayer Bead Necklace.png
Precious Bait.png
Promissory Note.png
Prosthetic Esoteric Text.png
Prayer Bead Necklace Precious Bait Promissory Note Prosthetic Esoteric Text
Rat Description.png
Recovery Charm.png
Red Carp Eyes.png
Red and White Pinwheel.png
Rat Description Recovery Charm Red Carp Eyes Red and White Pinwheel
Rice for Kuro.png
Rotting Prisoner's Note.png
Sabimaru Memo.png
Sakura Droplet.png
Rice for Kuro Rotting Prisoner's Note Sabimaru Memo Sakura Droplet
Secret Passage Key.png
Senpou Esoteric Text.png
Shelter Stone.png
Shinobi Esoteric Text.png
Secret Passage Key Senpou Esoteric Text Shelter Stone Shinobi Esoteric Text
Surgeon's Bloody Letter.png
Surgeon's Stained Letter.png
Three-story Pagoda Memo.png
Tomoe's Note.png
Surgeon's Bloody Letter Surgeon's Stained Letter Three-story Pagoda Memo Tomoe's Note
Treasure Carp Scale.png
Truly Precious Bait.png
Unrefined Sake.png
Valley Apparitions Memo.png
Treasure Carp Scale Truly Precious Bait Unrefined Sake Valley Apparitions Memo
Water of the Palace.png
White Pinwheel.png
Young Lord's Bell Charm.png
Water of the Palace White Pinwheel Young Lord's Bell Charm

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