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Posture and Vitality DeflectionConsecutive DeflectionsCounter-slashThrust Attacks

Mikiri CounterSweep AttacksJump-kick CounterGrab Attacks
Step DodgeSafety RollSprint AttackVault Over

Spirit Emblems Follow-up Attacks
Death Resurrection
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For tables, see Attack Power and Skill Experience.

Posture and Vitality

Posture and Vitality.png The more Vitality one loses, the slower their Posture will recover. If an enemy's Posture recovers as soon as it gets lowered, try reducing their Vitality first. When one loses all posture, they will be susceptible to a Deathblow. Posture replenishes faster when Guarding.
Main article: Attack Power


Mechanic Deflection.png Deflection is one of the main sources of posture depletion. If Sekiro perfectly parries an incoming attack, the enemy loses posture; conversely, if the parry was not perfect, Sekiro will. A successful deflection can be noted by hearing a loud and sharp noise when his blade meets the attack.

Consecutive Deflections

Mechanic Consecutive Deflections.png Deflecting one attack doesn't always mean an enemy will stop attacking. Consecutive attacks can be countered with Consecutive Deflections.


Mechanic Counter-slash.png Counter-slash is performed by attacking right after successfully Deflecting an enemy attack. By using a combination of Deflections and attacks to deal posture damage, one can greatly reduce enemy Posture in a short time.

Thrust Attacks

Mechanic Thrust Attack.png Thrust Attacks cannot be blocked, which makes them effective against opponents with a solid defense. However, there is a chance they will be Deflected by the enemy.

Mikiri Counter

Mechanic Mikiri Counter.png

The Mikiri Counter is an unlockable Shinobi Combat Style Skill that allows a shinobi to perceive incoming thrust attacks and counter them by stepping on the enemy's blade. It is a powerful technique that deals more Posture damage than a regular Deflect.

Sweep Attacks

Mechanic Sweep Attack.png Sweep attacks can be neither guarded nor deflected. however, Sekiro can jump to avoid them. Jump-kicking an enemy during their sweep attack will deal a large amount of Posture damage, often leaving them vulnerable to a Deathblow.

Jump-kick Counter

Mechanic Jump-kick Counter.png After jumping over an enemy's sweep attack, Sekiro can perform a Jump-kick Counter on them before landing, dealing a large amount of posture damage.

Grab Attacks

Mechanic Grab Attack.png Grab attacks can be neither guarded nor deflected. Once caught, damage cannot be avoided. Avoid an enemy's grab attempts with a well-timed Step Dodge.

Step Dodge

Mechanic Step Dodge.png Enemy attacks can be evaded with a well-timed Step Dodge. It is effective against attacks that can't be parried. For example, when grabbed at by an enemy, it is better to avoid the attack than attempt to guard or deflect it.

Safety Roll

Mechanic Safety Roll.png While downed or posture-broken, Sekiro is very vulnerable to enemy attacks. Use Safety Roll to minimize his vulnerability and get up faster.

Sprint Attack

Mechanic Sprint Attack.png A special sword lunge can be performed if one attacks while sprinting. This technique can be used to quickly close a gap with an out of reach enemy, and then deal damage the moment Sekiro reach him.

Vault Over

Mechanic Vault Over.png Vault Over is a Shinobi Martial Art that allows one to leap over and behind a Posture-broken enemy. This Shinobi Martial Arts technique allows the use of Backstab Deathblows in the middle of battle, without using stealth.

Spirit Emblems

Mechanic Spirit Emblems.png
Main article: Prosthetic Tools
Main article: Combat Arts

Prosthetic Tools and Combat arts cost Spirit Emblems to be used. Spirit Emblems can be obtained by defeating enemies, finding them in the world, or purchasing them at Sculptor's Idols. If one does not have enough Spirit Emblems to pay the cost, a weaker version of the technique can still be performed.

Follow-up Attacks

Mechanic Follow-up Attack.png There are sword techniques that can be unleashed after using Prosthetic Tools. These allow for a fighting style that further leverages the qualities of the Prosthetic Tools. Follow-up Attacks can be learned as "Prosthetic Arts" Skills.


Mechanic Unseen Aid.png Sekiro will lose skill experience points and Sen when he dies, but there is a way to avoid this on rare occasions by divine protection known as Unseen Aid. The rate at which Unseen Aid occurs can be found in the Pause Menu.


Resurrection Icon 01.pngResurrection Icon 02.pngResurrection Icon 03.png
Mechanic Resurrection.png Resurrection cannot be performed repeatedly over a short period of time, but obtaining Resurrective Power allows it to be used once again. One cannot Resurrect without sufficient Resurrective Power. Killing enemies and performing a Deathblow will gradually restore Resurrective Power, however, Wolf's first node of Resurrective Power can only be restored by resting at a Sculptor's Idol.

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