Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki
Black grains forming the base for gunpowder.

Material used in alchemical prosthetic Tool upgrades, including those of an explosive and occultic nature.
Even the most mundane form of gunpowder has a wide variety of applications.

Black Gunpowder.png

Material used for Prosthetic Tool upgrades:


Ashina Castle
  • At the broken bridge after the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol.
  • By the broken bridge from the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol.
  • (After Invasion) Before going up the stairs to the castle, on the right in a courtyard beneath a tree.
Abandoned Dungeon
Senpou Temple
Sunken Valley
  • On the path leading towards the Gun Fort.
  • On a ledge behind a Snake Eyes Spear-Bearer to the right from the entrance to the Gun Fort.
  • In the poison pools where Snake Eyes Shirahagi is fought.
Ashina Depths