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Basket Wearer Shosuke (籠かぶりの正助, Basket-Head Shousuke) is a frightened man hiding inside his house in Mibu Village, covering his head with a large basket.

He'll inform Wolf that the villagers have gone mad because the sake offered by the Head Priest instilled an unsatiable thirst in them, which in turn forced the people to drink from ponds and rivers.

The Priest preaches about consuming a lot of sake to become "Citizens of the Palace".

Since the mad villagers are deeply afraid of fire, Shosuke suggests Sekiro to pay a visit to Inuhiko, the local hunter who has been burning pine resin to keep them at bay.

Should Shosuke succumb to his thirst, he'll join the other villagers in their madness.


  • Mibu Village: inside the first house before the large sakura tree with a Gourd Seed at its base, can only be accessed from an opening in the roof.


Ashina Depths (Mibu Village)

After talking to Shosuke, collect the Pine Resin Ember from the rooftop of Inuhiko's house, on the other side of the pond.

Upon returning to Shosuke, he'll be found hostile.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Swing: lands a single heavy blow with his rake.
  • Flurry: swings his rake in rapid succession up to five times.

Fights exactly like a rake-wielding Mibu Fisherman.

If one drops in fast enough, it possible to land a Stealth Deathblow on Shosuke before he turns.

Related Items

+257 Skill Experience Sen.png 39
Rot Essence Fine Son.png
Rot Essence: Thirsty One    
First encounter Shosuke: Basket, basket, basket, basket, basket... I... am a basket...
"Ignore him" Shosuke: Basket, basket, basket... Hmm? Someone's... there!
"Greet him" Wolf: Hey.

Shosuke: Ahhhh!
Wolf: Calm down.
Shosuke: .....Y-You... Are you an honorable person?
Wolf: Yes.
Shosuke: Thank goodness...! You ARE an honorable person. (Sobs) Is there... something you want to ask? Look, sorry but... if you have questions I'll have to answer with this basket on my head.

"Ask about the village" Wolf: What is wrong with this village?

Shosuke: I'd sure like to know that too. Before I knew it... everyone had gone insane! For a while I too was in a daze, but... I snapped out of it after I hurk-hurk... threw up. I was thirsty so I drank a loooot of sake. I'm sure that's what made me throw up. The head priest sometimes treats us to sake. But you know... when you drink sake, you get thirsty. The sake cask runs dry in no time. So everyone has no choice but to drink the water in the ponds and rivers. But, the more you drink it, the thirstier you get... Ah... You get thirstier and thirstier, can't ever drink enough...

"Ask about the villagers" Wolf: What is wrong with the villagers?

Shosuke: ... Hmm, no idea. All I know is, they all fear fire. For awhile, I too was in the same daze. And I felt the fear too. An unquenchable fire... Even now, the thought of it gives me chills!
Wolf: An unquenchable fire...
Shosuke: The hunter Inuhiko started burning pine resin and locked himself in his house. His pine resin burns a long time... It's a real nuisance. Inuhiko is the village outcast. He likes eating wild animal meat and the sort... That's why the head priest doesn't give him any sake.
Wolf: Where is Inuhiko's house?
Shosuke: Oh, on the other side of the pond. Inuhiko's is the last house on the path.

"Ask about the village priest" Wolf: Tell me about the priest.

Shosuke: You can find him in the shrine, all the way up the riverside near the water's source. He told us, "Let us become citizens of the palace. If you drink enough sake, you shall become citizens", he said! A "citizen of the palace"... I don't really get it, but that's what he said!

Leaving Shosuke: Got to go, huh? I'll here, hiding in this basket. Must... resist... drinking...
Talking again Shosuke: Is there... something you want to ask? Look, sorry but... if you have questions I'll have to answer with this basket on my head.
First encounter when infected with Dragonrot Shosuke: (Wheezing)

Wolf: You're ill...
Shosuke: (Wheezing) Why are you... staring at me...? This would... never've had happened if I'd stayed... in the basket!

Shosuke: (wheezing)
Wolf: The Dragonrot...
Shosuke: (wheeze) Why are you... staring at me...? This would... never've had happened if I'd stayed... in the basket!

"Take coughed up blood sample" Wolf: I'm taking a blood sample.

Shosuke: (Wheeze... Wheeze... Cough, cough.)
Wolf: ... Now to bring this to Lady Emma.

Approaching after he turned insane Shosuke: I couldn't... resist... I drank it all...!
Killing Wolf Shosuke: ...but I don't ... have a choice..
When killed Shosuke: You... monster...


  • Can only be harmed after he turns insane.
  • Can't be infected by Dragonrot after he has turned insane.


  • Shosuke never reveals his name directly.

Cut Content

Cut Dialogue
Attacked Shosuke:
  • Please, stop!
  • What're you doing?!
"Give Dragonrot Pellet" Wolf: Drink...

Shosuke: (Nngh... Gulp...) (Ahhhh......)
Wolf: This will make you feel better.
Shosuke: (Wheezing) (...gulp) Oh, right...

"Do nothing" Wolf: .........

Shosuke: (Wheezing)

Cured of Dragonrot Shosuke: I dunno how it worked, but... I think I'm all better. Of course, I can't assume I'm better yet -- otherwise my throat'll act up again. Gotta resist...
Unknown Shosuke: No, must resist drinking...
Unknown Shosuke: Gotta... get outta... the basket...