Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki

Sword-Wielding Bandit

Found patrolling and looting across Hirata Estate.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: thrusts forward his sword. If it connects, he follows up with a Two-sing Combo or Cross Swing.
  • Cross Swing: two diagonal slices in opposing directions.
  • Mud Kick: kicks the mud, creating a splash.
  • Quick Draw: runs towards his attacker with a sheathed sword and quickly draws it for a slash.
  • Running Swing: runs up to his target with a raised sword then slashes down with it.
  • Shove: shoves his attacker, knocking them back.
  • Two-swing Combo: slashes horizontally left to right, then vice versa.

A rather aggressive foe that often is fought in groups. Will circle around the attacker resting his sword on his shoulders, occasionally jumping forward in a pretense initiation of an attack. He chains up his moves rather quickly, but has low posture, is easy to parry and dies in only a few hits.

Torch-Wielding Bandit

Some found in Senpou Temple, before the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol, before the broken bridge.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: stabs forward with his sword. He occasionally chains this attack up with a torch or sword attack, then another Perilous Thrust move.
  • Burn Attack.pngFiery Swing: finishing up a Swing combo, he holds the sword and torch together for a finisher swing.
  • Burn Attack.pngTorch Swing: swings the torch in front of himself once or twice horizontally to keep attackers away.
  • Burn Attack.pngTorch Thrust: runs thrusting the torch ahead, following up with two horizontal swings.
  • Swing: swings once or twice with his sword.

Be aware that this enemy alerts those nearby. An otherwise aggressive foe but quick to break posture and has low health.

Axe-Wielding Bandit

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Drag Swing: drags the axe behind him to gain momentum then swings it above his head in a strong blow.
  • Running Swing: closes distance to his attacker and swings the axe low quickly.
  • Shaft Hit: hits the attacker with the shaft of the axe.
  • Shove: shoves his attacker with his fist, knocking them back.
  • Swing: swings the axe horizontally, followed by a vertical swing.
  • Upperhead Swing: brings the axe down from above his head in a swing.

Will circle around the attacker resting his axe his hands, occasionally running forward for an attack or suddenly stopping, as if to pretend to attack. He chains up his moves rather quickly and they deal a great amount of damage, but has low posture, is easy to parry and dies in only a few hits.

Shield-Wielding Bandit

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Bash and Slash: bashes with the shield then slashes with the sword.
  • Charge: when at long range, holds up the shield and charges at the attacker. If the attack does not connect, he crouches and takes some time to recover.
  • Intimidate: when the attacker is far away, he hits the shield with his sword repeatedly, drawing the attention of nearby non-engaged enemies.
  • Shield Bash: when attacked, he will retaliate with a shield bash. Sometimes follows up by a Slash.
  • Slash: slashes with his sword.

Extremely defensive foe, will guard behind his shield, even when attacked. His shield bashes are parry-able, but his Posture regenerates very quickly. His shield can be broken with the Loaded Axe.

Archer Bandit

Behaviour and Tactics

Several are met across Hirata Estate and the extended memory of Hirata Estate. In the latter, two that shoot Poison arrows accompany Juzou the Drunkard.

When approached, he uses the same moves as the Swordsman, but when afar:

  • Burn Attack.pngFlaming Arrow: notches a flaming arrow, then fires it.
  • Poison Attack.pngPoison Arrow (Exclusive to Extended Hirata Memory): notches a poisonous arrow, then fires it.

When fought in groups with other Bandits, try to break the line of sight of the Archer until the others are dealt with. Alternatively, prioritize the Archer, as he dies in one or two hits.

Eavesdropping Icon.png Hirata Estaste, By the Bonfire with Flame Barrel

Woahh! Look at it burn! Whoever called this a fire-breathing barrel wasn't kidding! I can feel my spirits lifting already!

You ain't wrong. This estate always rubbed me the wrong way. But you gotta give it a good send off at least...