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In-Game Description

A bottle of Ashina-brewed sake. Sake is a drink meant for sharing.

While it does not contain water from the fountainhead, it is made from the purest of waters, and is a drink beloved by the people of Ashina.

Ashina Sake.png



Can be given to Isshin Ashina, the Sculptor or Emma for additional dialogues.



  • When this item is received from Emma, it has a slightly different description:
A bottle of Ashina sake given by Emma. Sake is a drink meant for sharing.

While it does not contain water from the fountainhead, it is made from the purest of waters, and is a drink beloved by the people of Ashina.

Ashina Sake.png

Drinking Wolf: Here.

Isshin: Ahh, don't mind if I do! Smart thinking, my boy! Let me see... That's some good sake! This is how we drank when we won our battles. The people of Ashina, together as one.
Wolf: Could you... tell me about the rebellion?
Isshin: Oh, the rebellion... We just took back what was stolen from us.
Wolf: That's...
Isshin: Before, this land was... It was a place where we, the Ashina people lived. Where the waters flowed, straight from the source. We were a people who loved our country dearly. And we made good sake to boot! ... But we were heretics, and we were weak. Naturally, we were overrun. Trampled into submission. For many long, excruciating years... We couldn't even pray at the water from the springs... The way we were then... Even good sake couldn't get us truly drunk. ... But then, the world fell into chaos. Yes... Amidst the chaos that was Japan... The endless casualties. The flames of war... We found the perfect opportunity to take back our land. But now... It's a place of death... It's a bitter thing, indeed.

Giving Her the One She Meant for the Sculptor Wolf: I brought sake.

Emma: That is... unexpected. Did we not mean to celebrate the Sculptor's return to health? Please share it with him.

Drinking Wolf: I brought sake.

Emma: Oh my... That is generous of you. I accept. Ahhh... Delicious. As a doctor, I do have other uses for sake beyond just drinking.
Wolf: For purification?
Emma: Yes. It can also help those with a low tolerance for pain. But when I was a child, I couldn't stand the smell of it.
Wolf: You've been been doing medical work ever since you were a child?
Emma: Yes. I wanted to be of use to my mentor... Master Dogen. I used to compete with my fellow disciples to treat patients. In those days, arrow and sword wounds were frightfully common.
Wolf: ......... I see.
Emma: .........
Wolf: What's wrong?
Emma: It's nothing. Sometimes, shinobi would come for treatment as well. There was once... a rather difficult patient.
Wolf: Difficult in what way?
Emma: He said very little. I didn't know where he was hurt or how much pain he was in... I had no information to go on. It was maddening.
Wolf: I see.
Emma: ... None of this sounds familiar to you?
Wolf: What?
Emma: No, nothing. Nothing at all.

Drinking Wolf: I brought some tea.

Sculptor: (Sniffs) This "tea" smells pretty good. Suppose I'll have some. Oh, I needed that.. This tea reminds me of Emma's father. About Lady Emma's father... Dogen... He was an extraordinary doctor. He was also very well-versed in mechanisms and devices. ... Better put, he was obsessed with mechanisms to the point that it affected his health... He didn't take much else seriously, but I owed him my life... Ah, and we could say that you owe him your life as well.
Wolf: What do you mean?
Sculptor: When I lost my left arm, Dogen created that thing... which has now become your left arm. The first version was a complete failure, didn't work at all. So he remade it. Then he remade it again, and again, countless times. (chuckles)
Wolf: What?
Sculptor: He told me I needed to practice with the prosthetic in order to use it properly... So Emma would pester me into carving her spinning tops and other toys. After much... training... of that sort, it came to be called a Shinobi Fang. In other words, that prosthetic arm... is Dogen's legacy. His legacy... Ahh... so much time has passed. ......... While I have abandoned my shinobi ways... That alone, I could not bear to abandon.