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In-Game Description

A compendium of the Ashina Sword Style. Allows one to learn "Ashina Style" Skills.

The text reads like a history of Isshin Ashina's battles; when young, Isshin fought desperately time and time again, polishing his technique in the blood of his enemies. He consolidated his learnings under the "Ashina Style" name for the sake of his clan's dominance.

Ashina Esoteric Text.png



Unlocks the Ashina Arts Combat Art skill tree.

To receive this item Wolf needs to accept to hunt some Rat with the Tengu and kill the Rat spying on the other two talking about Isshin and Genichiro atop Ashina Castle Gate (order doesn't matter): speaking with the Tengu again, he'll reward Sekiro with this Esoteric Text.

If Wolf hasn't received prior to defeating the Divine Dragon, this item will be found in Isshin's room.


  • If Wolf chooses to "Obey the iron code" at Owl's request, this item will become unobtainable for the rest of the playthrough.