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Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo (葦名流 水生氏成, Ashina School Mibu Ujinari) is an optional Mini-Boss with two Deathblow Counters.

He mostly fights with the Ashina Cross. Albeit his Red Eyes make him hard to stagger, they provoke a deep fear of flames in him.


Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep: Sweeps the ground with his katana. Mostly used after he deflects some attack.
  • Ashina Cross: Quick draws and slash twice rapidly.
  • Retreat: slashes down and steps back concurrently. Mostly used after his Ashina Cross is deflected.
  • Palm Strike: strikes with his palm before retreating to follow it up with Ashina Cross.

While he will get up and fight when approached for the first time, upon losing sight of Wolf, it'll become possible to inflict a Stealth Deathblow on him.

It's also possible to lead the numerous Lone Shadows in the Castle to fight him, although the more they are the harder it'll become to approach the Mini-Boss for the Finisher Deathblow.

Ungo's Sugar can help mitigate the high damage output of this Mini-Boss, while Gokan's Sugar prevents being easily guard-broken, although the powerful attacks of Ujinari Mizuo will still bypass Sekiro's defense.

If attacked after a successful deflection, he'll mostly deflect back and then throw his Perilous Sweep.

Dodging to the left is enough to avoid and punish his Ashina Cross, which creates an opening to damage his Vitality with the Flame Vent or his Posture with the Loaded Axe.

As with all Red-Eyed creatures, Ujinari Mizuo will crawl in fear at the first sight of fire, so the Flame Vent, especially combined with Living Force, is hugely recommended and, since it's also easier to deflect his Iaijutsu with any Umbrella, the Suzaku Lotus version is suggested as it'll create some fiery sparks upon every successful parry and can deal major damage afterward with Projected Force. The Sparkling Axe too can inflict severe Posture Damage while stunning him in the process.

This Mini-Boss is also extremely susceptible to the Poison of the Sabimaru.

Both Shadowrush and Shadowfall can be employed to safely kill him from a distance, since he won't be able to counter the first thrust, after which it's possible to rapidly create space from him by jump-kicking away.


+2905 Skill Experience Sen.png 209
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead
Heavy Coin Purse.png
Heavy Coin Purse
(subsequent playthroughs)
Eavesdropping Icon.png Eavesdropping

... Lord Isshin, I will be borrowing this.
Please watch over me...
We, the Ashina clan, will win this battle...


  • To acquire his Red Eyes, Ujinari Mizuo he must have consumed the Rejuvenating Waters of Doujun.
  • In japanese, his surname 水生 is spelled like Mibu is in Mibu Village (水生村) and in O'Rin's name (水生のお凜, O'Rin of Mibu), but differently from how it appears in Mibu Balloons (ミブ風船).