Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki

In-Game Description

A powerful Antidote concoted by the Sunken Valley clan.

Heals status abnormality "Poison", and for a time decreases Poison buildup while increasing Poison resistance.
Magnetic deposits are found in the Sunken Valley, but the place is dangerously toxic. Antidote Powder is essential for anyone attempting to mine the ore.

Antidote Powder.png


Ashina Outskirts

Senpou Temple
  • Three by a large tree, to the right from the path patrolled by Senpou Monks.
  • Behind the wall near the small tree with a Spirit Emblem underneath, in the area with the first two Dual Naginata Senpou Monks.
Sunken Valley

Hirata Estate
  • Two given by a villager through a window in the upper residential area, where it's possbile to eavesdrop on an Axe Wielding Bandit and a Torch Wielding Bandit.


Antidote Powder.gif

Used to remove Poison status abnormality and increase Poison Resistance for 30 seconds.

Up to five can be carried at any time.

Can be sold for Sen.png 8.