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In-Game Description

Sugar candy made in the Senpou Temple, imbued with the blessing of Ako. Temporarily boosts posture damage dealt. Bite the candy and assume the Ako stance to receive the blessing of inhuman spirits. The spirits embody excess karma. One must bite down hard on the candy and endure what has been brought to pass.
Ako's Sugar.png


Ashina Outskirts
Ashina Castle
Abandoned Dungeon
Senpou Temple
  • On the path patrolled by Senpou Monks, next to a tombstone.
  • Inside the first building, in the room with five statues and Crickets. [x3]
  • To the left of the Main Hall Sculptor's Idol, on a ledge outside the building.
  • Up to three sold by the Memorial Mob for Sen.png 80.
  • Dropped by Senpou Monks.
  • Dropped by Lesser Centipedes.
Sunken Valley
  • Past the Riven Cave at the foot of the statue before the collapsed statue. [x2]
  • Dropped by Lesser Centipedes in the Gun Fort.
Fountainhead Palace
  • In Mibu Manor guarded by a Palace Noble to the left of Bite Down. [x3]
  • Behind the building to the left of the Feeding Grounds Sculptor's Idol.
Hirata Estate


Ako's Sugar.gif

Increases the amount of Vitality and Posture damage dealt by 12.5% and lasts 30 seconds (or 45 with the Devotion Skill).

Up to three can be carried at any time.

Can be sold for Sen.png 20.